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How to Use Your Trekking Poles Properly

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
“Trekking poles can save your knees, and optimal use can help improve your endurance, confidence, and power on the trail.”
How to Use Your Trekking Poles Properly
Adjust your poles to the optimal length for the trail’s slope—which is sometimes different for poles in each hand. If you find yourself straining to stay balanced, take the time to stop and adjust. 
Wrist straps aren’t just for keeping your pole from flying downhill if you lose your grip. They can help you avoid a whiteknuckle grip—which causes hand fatigue. If the straps are adjusted properly, they may also help support your weight and add power to your push-off.
Going downhill, keep your poles in front of you to ease the burden of impact on your knees. Placing poles ahead of you can also provide balance and help you with foot placement when descents are rocky or loose. 
Going uphill, don’t keep your poles way in front you; you’re not trying to pull yourself uphill. Instead, place the poles only slightly ahead (and slightly to your sides), and use them to push off of the ground as you move past them.

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