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How To Use Triberr To Double Your Blog Traffic

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

 ID 100954731 How To Use Triberr To Double Your Blog Traffic

I was rather suspicious of Triberr when I first heard about the system and I wondered what the catch was. I do not like being proven wrong, but there is no catch. I took the time to research and learned how to use Triberr correctly AND It has shown positive results.

Simple as it sounds Triberr is an amazing traffic resource and if you’re not using it, you should.

You can so easily double your traffic by signing up and actually learning how to use Triberr to gain the best results.

Triberr provides a way to grow your blog’s readership.

It connects like-minded bloggers who are interested in reading and supporting each other.

This community, or Tribe, is the secret to a successful blog.

You’re Headline Matters
Writing Headlines 300x300 How To Use Triberr To Double Your Blog Traffic

A catchy headline is needed; your readers will only come if they are enticed too. Offer them something worth reading and you will see an increase in traffic.

Your headline is all you have to capture your potential reader’s attention, use it wisely. It’s like a shop window, if the display looks eye catching then it will draw you inside for a closer look. With so many links being posted, you have a few seconds to catch the attention of others.

When you think you have a great title, stop.

Write down 3 alternative titles and then choose the one that stands out. It’s amazing what you can create when you play with words and actually take a closer look.

A great way to practice writing catchy headlines is to take a look at the selection of magazines on the shelf in your local Supermarket, which ones stand out to you and why? What type of headlines capture your interest when you see them posted online?

Choose Your Tribes Wisely
001 daily inspirations 386 300x231 How To Use Triberr To Double Your Blog Traffic

While joining as many Tribes as possible may seem the obvious solution, a more personal approach is what is needed with Triberr. Take the time to view the many tribes available and look at who the tribe members are and what they write about.

The more you have in common with a tribe the higher success rate you will have.

If for example you write about parenting topics, joining a tribe that focuses on marketing will not get you noticed. You will not see any of your posts shared, as you have no relevant content to share.

If you write about marketing and sales why would you want to share a post on potty training with your readers? You wouldn’t. Triberr offers a simple way for you to source of relevant tribes for you.

Some Chiefs (the boss of the tribe) may wait to see if you are going to become a valuable member and will wait for you to share a few posts of the tribe members, before deciding if to accept you or not.

What can you contribute to a tribe should be what you are thinking, not what can you get out of a tribe.

You Get Out What You Put In
get out what you put in 300x178 How To Use Triberr To Double Your Blog Traffic

If you think you can joining a tribe and then just sit back and wait for the tribe members to happily post and share your blog posts, think again.

Triberr is a community built upon sharing content and sharing others posts is what you must do and do regularly.

Why would you want to showcase others blogs?

I have seen an increase in Retweets and follows thanks to the shared posts I have submitted from the tribes I am part of. I share relevant content that I know my own readers will benefit from and can relate too.

In return others have shared my blog posts to their readers and my traffic has seen a sharp increase.

Triberr is much like a friendship; it’s about give and take. A friendship is never one sided.

I have shared others posts on a number of occasions to find they have never returned the favour; I then “avoid” that member for a while, to see if they notice.

Build Your Own Tribe
images 2 How To Use Triberr To Double Your Blog Traffic

It can be a little daunting to go and ask to become a member, this does not prevent you from using Triberr as you can become your own Chief and rule your own tribe. In fact you can create 3.

I have started my own tribe and it’s open to any bloggers who wish to test run Triberr to see if it’s for them, before they delve into joining the bigger tribes and asking Chiefs who may appear quite “scary” if they can join.

I know I was afraid to leave a “Hello may I join your tribe?” message on their board. So jump on board.

We all use Triberr for the same reason, to share relevant content and to reach a bigger audience and increase blog traffic.

You have nothing to lose so what are you waiting for? I hope to see you joining your first tribe today.

If you have any questions about how to use Triberr feel free to ask me, if I don’t know the answer I can find someone who will.

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