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How to Use Space in a Large Bathroom

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

The beauty of owning a large bathroom is having plenty of space for all your organizational needs and daily rituals. The downside is that the abundance of space can lead to designs that waste space instead of taking advantage of it. The idea of wasted space is not new, it can be a problem in any part of the home. It occurs when the design elements, such as the shower or bathtub take up more or less space than required. This leads to a design that is inefficient and can feel cramped or excessive.

Designer Nathan Kyle took a bathroom with a bad layout and wasted space and turned it into a highly functional and balanced interior. The elements feel well balanced in terms of space and create a beautiful modern bathroom. Compared to before, the bathroom no longer feels cramped around the shower and can accommodate two people thanks to multiple sinks. There are more options for storage and organization than before as well, creating a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Check out the pictures linked below.

At Trade Winds Imports, we specialize in bathroom vanities suited for large bathrooms. Whether floating or open shelf, these space saving vanities also offer plenty of room for organization.

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