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How To Use Siri To Update Facebook Or Twitter

Posted on the 24 October 2011 by Chillpete @geekmeblog

Hot To Use Siri To Update Facebook Or TwitterAlmost everyone is talking about Siri on the new iPhone 4s, and don't get me wrong I  like the time and labour saving that it gives me, but when I use it to update Twitter I get the response "Sorry, I can't help you with Twitter". But things are about to change.
After thinking about the problem for a while, I decided to add not just Twitter but Facebook too, so now when I am driving, walking or even out for a run I can still Tweet or add messages to Facebook.
Follow these steps to get started.
First we will set up Twitter.Hot To Use Siri To Update Facebook Or TwitterSend a Text message to Twitter on 86444 from the uk, or 40404 in the USA saying "Start". You will be asked for your username and password. When you have completed this process, all you need to do is add the short code (86444) or (40404) as a new contact, and name it Twitter.
Now to set up FacebookAll you have to do is send a text to 32665 in the UK or the USA. Click the link that's in the reply and finish the set up process in your mobile browser. Then once again when you have done all this just add 32665 to your address book and call it Facebook.
Now all you have to do is activate Siri in the usual way and say "Send a text to Twitter" or "Send a text to Facebook". once you have confirmed your message, your update will be posted.
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