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How to Use Different Types of Internet Marketing

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Whether you are a freelancer looking for work or run a multinational company, you will need to use internet marketing to your types of internet marketingadvantage. More people are searching online for businesses, companies and individuals for the products or services that they need. Having an online presence is more than just putting up a website; you need to use the different types of internet marketing – but you need to understand them first.

Email Marketing to Build Your List

When you are just starting out, you will need to build a following. Email marketing allows you to do this. It works in four steps:

1.   Create a squeeze page for customers to enter their email address

2.   Offer something free to make them want to enter their email address

3.   Communicate regularly to offer your products or services and build trust

4.   Turn your traffic into sales

All successful internet marketers are using email lists to earn six figure sums and you can do it to. It takes very little time and you will be able to build a relationship with the people following you. 90% of traffic will not buy from you straight away and an email list allows you to build the trust and show why you are an authority.

Content Marketing to Build Credibility

types of internet marketing
People need to see that you are knowledgeable about your niche – this is why they are going to risk their own money onto your products or services that you promote. To do this, you need to use content marketing to build your credibility. This can work in numerous ways, including:

  • Your own blog about your products, business and niche
  • Guest posting on other people’s blogs on the same niche
  • Using article directories for more formal information and build back links to your business
  • Using videos to show off your products and offer instructions for those who prefer not to read on the screen.

The content needs to be valuable to the reader and answer a question that they have. Your links will need to be relevant and it needs to link to your product or website in some way. You could choose to link to a squeeze page to build your email list.

Social Media Marketing for Easier Sharing

Social media marketing is becoming extremely popular. There are different types of accounts and they all require different ways of promoting your business. The benefit of social media marketing is that others can help promote you. People who “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter are share your posts with their friends and help posts go viral.

You will need to give them a reason to click on links and need to be careful not to over use this method. Take your time to build a following naturally instead of buying fake links.

Internet marketing uses many different methods, including the ones above. It takes some time to learn them all and be able to implement them but that time is worth it. You will soon have more traffic that you can turn into leads and sales.

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