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How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

By Loverobertsmaria

In this busy life of high pace lifestyle, it is pretty difficult for people to keep up with their basic needs to maintain and enhance their beauty. There are lot of aspects that matter to a lot of people. Some want an amazing skin tone or skin texture while some focus on perfect make up ideas. Amidst all these, there is one common matter that has been the point of concern for both beauticians and individuals; which is hair. The look of a person enhances manifolds if the hair is perfect and that needs to be one of the most important part of beautification.

Many of the people do several things for better hair. Hair conditioning, which helps repair the hair damage and builds up the perfect texture for open hair. Hair straightening, which is an additional but very promising modification to one’s hair. It changes the entire look of a person and keeps the hair texture pretty lively, hence majority of the people go for it. Some people also prefer curling their hair or keeping up with the trend of best hair fashion.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

All these hair fashions work well with people having long and dark hair which is why individuals seek a lot of handy ways to improvise their hair growth to make the hair healthy. In today’s time, there is a wide range of options over hair care potions and serums to choose from, that provides them a perfect remedy against hair loss and revitalizing the hair growth. However, not all these solutions work as expected.

Here are some pros and cons for the existing methods for better hair growth:

  • These are widely available in the market, but some of the serums and potions cost too much to be afforded by everyone.
  • The products in the market are for frequent customers and they will never guarantee a perfect product that is garners one time result.
  • The products are well tested and tried, but the products may or may not be suitable for all types of hair texture and scalps.
  • The products available in the market may be of best quality, but there is the usage of chemically prepared substances that might be harmful and many people would not go for it due to that.

We see, the merits and demerits of the available products that clash into each other. So, for that there are several different home remedies that would fill in the requirement of additional hair products and would give the desired hair growth to you. Some of the mainly used hair treatments at home include organic ingredients which has no side effects on the scalp or hair and the results are perfect as well.

Here are some advantages of home remedies that you get:

  • Costs very less and can easily be carried out by an individual
  • The effectiveness of the home treatment would not carry any side effects as all the ingredients are organic and no chemicals are used.
  • Time saving and efficient.
  • The ingredients included are simple and many people can perform it.

The home remedies for better hair growth seem promising and efficient and would be one of the top priorities of any individual rather than spending a dime in high end beauty parlors.

One of the main ingredients for better hair is coconut oil. It has a lot of useful benefits that can enhance the hair growth along with providing the perfect texture for your hair. Along with that, it will nourish the hair and can also be used daily without exploiting the scalp. Some of the best treatments for better hair growth using coconut oil are listed below, along with its application.

1. Deep Cleansing And Natural Conditioning –

The secret behind long hair is a healthy texture that cannot be ignored by anyone. The coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner for dry hair and removes the blockage from the scalp for better growth.

  • First of all, free yourself from all the work as the process might take up to one and a half hours for best results.
  • Apply melted coconut oil on your hair and scalp using a little warm water.
  • Apply evenly until the oil is properly spread.
  • Use a shower cap to cover your head and leave it for forty minutes.
  • Use warm water and soap to clean your hair

The results would be clearly visible after washing off the oil.

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2. Coconut Oil Massage –

If you have a curly or straight hair pattern then coconut oil massage would definitely be the best remedy for you. Not just for healthy hair but for tangle free curls.

  • Take some raw coconut oil and warm an adequate quantity for your hair.
  • Evenly apply the oil and spread it along the lengths of your hair.
  • After the oil is completely spread, massage the scalp softly till the oil gets properly spread.
  • Keep the oil over night or at least for two hours before you wash it off with shampoo.

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3. Sea Salt And Coconut Oil Therapy –

As already stated the cons of using chemical based potions and serums for the hair can drastically damage the scalp and have various side effects, there is however, this remedy to completely avoid such encounters. This remedy also helps in better and healthier growth of the hair.

  • Gather the necessary equipment such as a small beaker and a large beaker, a thin comb and a towel.
  • Take some raw coconut oil and put in the small beaker.
  • Put some water in the large beaker and boil it.
  • Later dip the smaller beaker in the larger beaker so that the coconut oil melts down and warms up a little.
  • Mix some salt in the oil and evenly apply it on the scalp and hair.
  • Cover your head with the towel and leave it over night for washing it off in the morning.

This will change the hair texture for a better look and make the hair look healthy. The salt and coconut oil will work on the scalp and help it recover the damages sustained from the chemicals of hair serums.

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4. Egg And Coconut Oil Paste –

Coconut oil is by far one of the best thing to enhance hair growth and strengthen the pores. The raw oil along with egg extracts heal the scalp by removing the sebum build up along the hair pores.

  • Gather the necessary equipment that is a small beaker and a large beaker, a shower cap and a spoon.
  • Take a scoop of raw coconut oil and put it in the small beaker. Fill the larger beaker with water.
  • Start boiling the water in the larger beaker and put the smaller beaker inside it ( the water should not get into the smaller beaker)
  • When the oil is melted down and is a little warm, add a spoon of egg extract and mix it thoroughly.
  • Apply evenly on the scalp and hair ( it is suggested to apply it on the full length )
  • Cover it with a towel and leave it over night for best results.

The coconut oil, as discussed earlier, will repair the damages caused to the scalp and enhance the hair growth while the egg extracts would support the process by providing all the essential vitamins to the hair. The egg extract might cause a little odor that can be avoided by washing your hair with a good quality shampoo or soap. Rest assured, this process, if repeated 2 to 3 times a week would give out perfect results.

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Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

  • Coconut oil provides various types of vitamins to the hair that support an enhanced hair growth such as vitamin A, iron and Vitamin K which help in making the hair stronger and healthier which would support the hair growth as your hair would not break often.
  • The extensive presence of lauric acid in coconut oil proves highly beneficial as well. It helps in the restoration of protein in the hair and the protein helps in stronger hair.
  • Most of the remedies with the use of coconut oil massage on the scalp involve covering up of the head with a towel. This enables the locking of moisture by the coconut oil which keeps the hair healthy and improvises the texture.
  • It promotes blood circulation due to the everyday massage. It is mild and would support the betterment of the hair follicle.
  • Actively fights bacteria and fungus developing in the scalp. This is because of the several healing abilities that the coconut oil possess which work efficiently towards the hair growth.
  • The regular application of the coconut oil helps in better texture of the hair. This makes the hair shine like that of the fashion models of magazine covers.

On top of all the benefits for using coconut oil for hair growth, the very fact that it is so accessible and easy to use would always star. The best methods for getting better and stronger hair texture include the usage of coconut oil and will surely give you, your desired long hair look for all occasions.

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