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How To Turn Any Relationship Around

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

There is an unspoken secret in relationships. The reason why most relationships fail is our current belief system. This system was designed for survival. That means there are winners and losers.


How To Turn Any Relationship Around

Hence there is a 50% divorce rate in modern free societies. 50% win and 50% lose. And this goes deeper. Of the 50% “winners or survivors”, 50% of them live in unhappy relationships or worse. So that leaves 25% reasonably happy. Of the 25% reasonably happy couples, 50% of them are not doing as good as the other 50%. And so it goes. The end result is less than 2% of relationships are truly fulfilling. This is not personal. It is built into the system.

The truth is relationships are about love and magic not winning and losing. Our current social beliefs and successful relationships don’t mix. In a survival first environment, problems arise. Eventually you end up thinking you are the problem. That also is a false belief.


The truth is you are the solution.

You have the ability to create a life where your relationships work. The key is to take your differences and use them to create compatibility. Your differences are a resource, not an obstacle. They are designed to give you the energy to create long term compatibility. However to see this requires a real change in your perspective. And it is not as easy as it sounds. At first people who are different attract you. Your genes like them and you think they are exotic. In time the differences start to irk you. In a win-lose system that’s when the drama begins.


To turn this around you need skills.

You need to know how to work with your differences.

  • First clearly understand what is unique about you. Understanding your Zodiac sign will give you a great start. It describes your core energy. And you need to bring this valuable asset to the table.
  • Then you need to activate your Sun sign (core energy) so it is alive in you. You need to be excited and proud of whom you are. Then you feel confident and safe within yourself.
  • This opens your mind to discover what is unique in another person. Rather than seeing them as a threat, you see them as a new opportunity. When you are thriving, you want to see what they have to offer.
  • Then the real magic of love can occur. You identify the core difference between you. This can be done easily by using your Sun signs and Numbers.
  • Your core difference shows you what to work with. What you both need to resolve. And what you can both gain through this resolution. It identifies the gift and the lesson of this relationship. It provides the means and the motivation for you to make this relationship exceptional.
  • The core change is to realize that each time a difference comes up, it is an opportunity.
  • The core commitment is to make real love and compatibility the top priority.

Christopher Power is became an innovator and expert in Numerology, Astrology and Human Design expert. He is writing regularly on zodiac love compatibility horoscope at To learn more about activating your core energy and identifying your differences browse his site.


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