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How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

By Marilovesgr33n @marilovesgr33n


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The coming of spring is usually a relief for most fashion lovers. While in winter we bundle up in layers over layers, in spring we finally get a chance to show off our pretty, feminine clothes and even some skin. But transitioning is not always easy – the weather can be quite unpredictable and a cute outfit in the morning can become a nightmare at noon, when rain strikes (again). These tips will help you transition smoothly from winter to spring:


1. Spring layering is lightweight and fun. It’s also a necessity this time of the year: while during the daytime it’s nice and warm, in the morning and evening it can get pretty chilly. Wear a cardigan over your top, so you can easily take it off or put it on whenever necessary. Don’t give up on your jacket just yet – just replace your winter coat for a lighter trench. And never leave the house without a scarf - you can wrap it around your next or even wear it on your head in unexpected cold weather.




2. If during winter you managed to get away with minimal sun protection, it’s no longer the case. It’s time for BB creams and highly protective sunglasses. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have fun with this: pick flattering, trendy sunglasses and try different skin products at the drugstore before settling on a single one.


3. When you see the first rays of sunshine, your first instinct may be take out your suede flats and floral dresses and get as much wear out of them as you can. Think twice before you do that – spring is all about unexpected showers! Make sure your shoes are waterproof and carry an umbrella with you. Alternatively, but one of those transparent rain coats that are so trendy these days, and stick it in your purse.


4. Have fun with your accessories! This is the time to wear big earrings and rings again, now that you don’t have to cover up in hats and gloves.



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