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How to Totally Nail Your White Bathroom Design

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Decorating your bathroom can be a stressful process especially if you are going through the ‘never ending’ home remodeling project. Rest assured, you can plan the perfect bathroom design by following a few guiding principles.

White bathrooms represent purity, emphasizing the hygienic purpose of this space. Although dirt and stains can’t be hidden in white bathrooms, you will enjoy the clean feeling that white bathrooms give you. Follow these simple tips to craft a beautiful white bathroom in your home!

Colors & Hues

White bathroom designs elicit unique advantages that allow you to place the focus on other areas of the room. Think of it as a clean slate of artistic expression. Your primary color will be white but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little variance to make things interesting.

Using cream and off-white tones can help transition between the rest of your home and the bathroom. Some colors that you can experiment with are ivory white, cream white, beige, soft green, and light yellow. For more decorating tips you can read this supplemental post.

Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles have been a staple in white bathroom designs for years. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Regardless of whether you are an experienced decorator, one thing that we all can note is the natural ambiance that white gives a room. These reflective properties create a prime opportunity to integrate natural wood, stones, and greenery into your bathroom. Wood will glow with a refined new look due to the fact that artificial lighting does not hold the same qualities as natural sunlight.

Carrera Marble tops have unique compositions that can serve as a focal point in a white bathroom. For small bathrooms, consider installing a glass vessel sink that will absorb light and make your bathroom sparkle. White subway tile is a classic mainstay of the bathroom that is simple calming and easy to clean. Add a chandelier for an extra touch of opulence!

White Bathroom Vanity

White bathroom vanity reflects purity. Image via BHG.

Use Geometry to Your Advantage

Those geometry courses that you took in high school didn’t go to waste! Symmetrical lines follow the theme of simplicity created by white bathroom designs. It is best practice to implement modern vanities as they are characterized by bold lines and sleek finishes. Transitional vanities can be an option for those who are seeking a more decorative design.

Recessed Shelving

Recessed shelving increases the size of your space and creates an open space, giving off an airy feeling that makes your restroom feel larger. This may be a bit tricky so it may require some professional assistance because recessed shelving may imply some light carpentry. Recessed shelves are discrete and can give your bathroom a custom new look!

Use Gold and Chrome Accents

Now for the fun part. Accents tie everything together and add a bit of pizzazz to the picture. White contrasts well with chrome or gold accents. When using gold accents, be sure to integrate these colors elsewhere in your design to establish continuity. This will ensure a fluid design that is seamless and wholesome.

Bathroom Windows

Windows allow natural light to flow into your bathroom while chrome accessories accent the design. Image via Home Design Lover.

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