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How To Support Your Gay Teen

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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My daughter was just 13 when she told me that she was gay, I was not shocked and to be totally honest was rather relieved. I could see from the look on her face and how she stood uncomfortably with tears in her eyes that what she was about to tell me was serious.

The thoughts of drugs and teenage pregnancy screamed through my head so to hear her say the words “Mum I’m gay” was a relief to me.

Supporting a gay teenager isn’t as difficult as it sounds and once you have got over the shock you realize that your daughter is the same daughter you love and it’s only the choice of her sexual preference that is the only difference.

My daughters personality, loving and kind nature has not changed, she is still the girl she always has been except for the depressive moods have faded and  the fear of being rejected from her family has been removed, we are much closer as a family unit.

It is difficult for a parent to stand back and watch her break the news to friends, you cannot help but worry that certain friends won’t accept her sexuality readily and some will poke fun and she will fall victim to bullying, all for being slightly different to them

She has handled any negative feedback constructive; she even spoke out in a national magazine.

The rules we have regarding girlfriends, is much the same as it was with boyfriends. It is based upon trust now much more than before, as I need to know if the girl sleeping over is her friend or girlfriend as if the latter alternative sleeping arrangements would be made.

The birds and the bees talk is a slightly more complicated one, trying to explain the sex life of two women was a hurdle, but I think I managed it well.

Be supportive, offer advice but never assume this is just a phase that will pass in time, accept that your child is gay and support them in their changing needs.

My daughter is gay and I am very proud of how she has handled her sexuality at such a young age.

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