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How To Stop Being Raped By Sexy Cheesecake

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice



What a powerful word.

Who isn’t affected by this word? You need food to survive thrive. We are bombarded with commercials about food. We think about what we will eat for the day. We grow food. We need it daily.

Is it no wonder that food is the catalyst for change?  When you stick a piece of food in your mouth, there is ALWAYS a hormonal response.  No one can deny that a small morsel of food can cause a backlash in the body.

You don’t believe me? Ask the person who is stricken with food allergies and say to them that food does not influence the body.

The reaction to food is similar to the famous chain reaction experiment. One event causes a chain reaction (for those nerds reading who want to watch this, you can go here).

Still, don’t believe food is powerful?

Ask the person who is trapped by the walls of their addiction. Quickly coasting down the road to bad intentions. Go here for an example.

Now I certainly wouldn’t have called myself an addict yet there are food demons in my closets. Now health wise, I would say from a scale from one to ten with ten being the highest, I am about an eight. I have my fair share of ailments that I have battled. From fall allergies, aching knees (which flared up last week. a strange burning sensation in my knees), a weird rash that would only appear during summer times on the right side of my body, eczema spots on my legs at times, and a persistent man pooch,

Not bad huh? *shaking my head*

Most of the time I live on twitter (shocking, huh?) To the best of my knowledge, I remember seeing a tweet from personal trainer Jennifer Comas Keck . I think the tweet was one highlighting her hubby’s results from a program he had ventured to do called “Whole 30″. I think the tweet has something to that effect that piqued my interest so i click on the link.

I was transported to Michael  Keck’s testimony on how the Whole 30 helped him with health issues he had.

Hmmm. my curiosity was peaked. Time to slap on my Scooby Dum hat and investigate.

Dumf Dumf Dumf Dumf -- Copyright Hanna Barbara

Dumf Dumf Dumf Dumf — Copyright Hanna Barbara

Michael had a link to Whole 30 and i was transported there.

The Whole 30 site has a compelling plethora of testimonials on people who lives were literally transformed by this program. Now I have read other sites before that claimed to heal or cure diseases. Yet my curiosity was still peaked. Some testimonies stated they were cured of their allergies.  I have had my share of “diets” from The Blood Type Diet to eating clean using the principles of The Weston A. Price Foundation.

Well, what else sets the Whole 30 program from the others besides the testimonials? The program will not only challenge the way you eat and place in your body. You will be challenged to change the way you THINK abut food.

After much hand wringing and dreading withdrawal from my precious cheesecake and sandwich creme cookies, I have decided to go to man-up and go all-in.

30 days. If I mess up one time, I will need to restart the program. Wussies need not to apply.

The Whole 30 protocol is one where I would make stronger food choices compare to allowing myself to have “cheat days” (sometimes this would be cheat weekends).

Like a food snob, I will shun specific foods and beverages that have been known to cause inflammatory responses in the body.

Foods such as: sugars of any kind including…stevia (NOoOoooOooOoo!), no alcohol or tobacco (I’m good there. By God’s grace, I’m Straight Edge), no grains including quinoa and corn, no legumes (Sorry, black beans. Or soy including that sneaky soy lecithin that is in a lot of protein powders including “healthy” ones such as Jay Robb. don’t believe me, look here), no dairy (including kefir. the exception would be clarified butter.), no MSG, carrageenan, or sulfites of any kind;

Am i nervous about this outing? No doubt. By God’s grace and help, I will succeed with this (I already had to go back to Day 1 due to a hidden ingredient I missed. doh!).

What about you? Does this program look like something you would want to do? If so or not, comment below. If you do, we can support each other (Lord knows I need it!)

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