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How to Stay Dry When Biking in the Rain

By Grindinggears

Are you sick of biking in the rain and ending up absolutely soaking? Well some idiot company called Dryve realised this and thought “You know what seems like a good idea? An umbrella on a bike.”

Honestly, you couldn’t make this shit up.

Biking in the rain without getting wet…

Living in Wales I think I am perfectly qualified to comment on this subject as:

A) It rains – A LOT!
B) I ride a bike.

While I appreciate that the idea of being able to ride your bike to work without turning up like a drowned rat is an admirable one, it does not seem that – even with this invention – it is possible. Take a look at this picture of the Dryve (stupid name) to see what I mean.

cycling in the rain

How wet is this idea?

This is their press release photo and if you can’t see the first problem immediately then why don’t you have a look at the slant of the rain… this guy is getting WET. Soaking in fact. This cumbersome device protects him from rain that either comes straight down either on top, in front or behind him – perfect for, well, absolutely no rain that I have ever experienced.

Second issue: have you ever tried to ride a bike with an umbrella? I have… once and never again. The wind does a strange thing to large waterproof sheets – it catches them and pulls you off balance. This is a great way to look like a fool when crashing into a large puddle of water.

Third issue: there are no wipers or any other such device. So when the rain is lashing down in front of you it completely impairs your vision. That is something I wouldn’t want to compromise on when riding my bike, especially if it is only for the possibility of staying a little bit dry.

biking in the rain

A Better Way to Stay Dry in the Rain when Biking

Here’s the thing – if you’re going to be biking in the rain you are going to get wet. There’s no way around that, if you want to stay dry then check the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Sadly the weather is a force you have to contend with if you want to cycle to work, but there are a few ways you can get to work and still look good, for example you could:

    • Take a spare change of clothes
    • Invest in waterproofs like these ProClimate ones
    • Have a waterproof cover on your Camelbak
    • Adjust your route to avoid notorious wet spots
    • Equip your bike with mudguards, like the Ass Saver, to avoid a soggy bottom
    • Slow down on corners and avoid puddles, last thing you want to do is be this guy:

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