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How To Start A Successful Blog?

Posted on the 27 January 2013 by Mankam23

How Do you Create A Successful Blog….that will be loved by all?

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." – Steve Jobs


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When anyone decides to start a blog or a website, it's because we have something we think could be useful to share and above everything else we want our blog to be visited.

Blogging has become so viral that, everyone and their family now do it. But would you wanna build a blog that no one visits? Don't think so.

Yes blogging is very popular, yes it's search engine friendly and yes it's easy to maintain. However, if a blog is boring, not even your granny will wanna visit it, think we all agree on this.

Build a blog that will become popular requires a lot of things and one of them is passion, the most important factor I would say.

I'm no expert in the field, far from it but I got my hands dirty at trying websites building years back using SBI!, and have learned one thing or two along the way. I'm going to share , what I think anyone should consider in order to get a successful blog.


My Tips To Create A Successful Blog


  • Define your niche

It's very important to sort out the niche issue before even starting a blog. This is what will guide you through the process. If we're not too sure about what we should write about, it's in our best interest to take some time out and have the topic sorted first.

If this step is not clear enough when we start, it's gonna be messy in the long way and will distract us from our objectives.

To help define your niche, it's best to write down everything that you love and start breaking them down and see which ones you are more passionate and know more about.

That's what I call a niche site, this step is very important and keeps you focused on the topic you'll choose.

Visit This Page for more about niche site. The more you know about a topic, the easiest it will be to provide fresh and unique content on a regular basis.


  • Dedication

Like anything else, blogging demands dedication, especially when  it's new. It's important you love what you do in order to keep up with the good work, it has to be fun.

At the moment I work about 5-6 hours on this blog everyday, this after my 9-5 job, and I work even more hours weekends.

I'm not there yet, but looking at the stats, it's moving. Be dedicate to what you beleive in, stay focus and never let anyone tell you it's too difficult because nothing in this life comes easily.

You must be dedicated in order to provide your readers with fresh content on a regular basis. It might not be everyday, but it has to be at least 3-4 times a week.

The more content you write, the more visitors you get, and this is the only way you can get yourself out there.


  • Be Yourself

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Be as natural as possible, simply be yourself and do what you believe in and what you think your readers will love.

Never try to take somebody else's personality or site's personality and apply on your site, this won't work.

When people visit your site, as long as the content is what they need and they feel at easy with your site and personality, they'll come back.

At the end it's not important to copy others, stay true to yourself and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


  • Be Original

Your content must add a value to your readers lifes, this is the only way you'll get them back. Yes there many blogs out there, but they are definetly not equal.

Let your voice be heard and solve people's problems. People usually come on the net to look for answers to their questions, be that problem solver and pave your way to success.


  • Be Creative

Do not be afraid to try out new things on your site. Afterall, unless you try something you will never know what works and what doesn't.

I visit other folks's sites and there are times where I really like the design or something new on the site, I'll drop a comment. I'm sure lots of people do this, keep your creativity awake.


  • Be Honest

Be honest and open with your readers, do not be afraid to give your opinions. This is the only way you'll gain trust and credibility, not only from you readers, but from fellow bloggers too.

Being honest does not mean that, you have to share every aspect of your personal life, no. But be prepared to talk about any topic realted to your site and share your overall opinions about each one of them, whether good or bad.

This will create a debate, which makes it even more interesting.


  • Be Consistent

When starting a blog, you should already know it requires a lot of time. Providing fresh content on a regular basis demands consistency. If you publish a post then disappear for a week or two, people will get tired of the old posts and will simply look elsewhere.

Successful blogs are updated frequently and so are the readers. The more you deliver, the more readers you get and the more money you'll make too. Visit My Page to learn more about blog traffic.


  • Research

Take some time and research the topic you wanna write about. Gather as much information as you can about it, lay them down and start choosing which ones of them will fit better in your site, which ones will be useful to your readers.

Don't be afraid to write what's on your mind, always believe in yourself, do your homework properly and success will surely follow.


Now that you've read all this and you are ready to start working on your own blog, taking your first steps shouldn't be a big deal, huh? lol

Ok I've gathered eveything to help you get started and put you on the right path. Visit the Steps For Creating A Blog to get started.

If you are using WordPress and have no idea about it, I'll adviceHere.


Do not hesitate to drop your comments or send your questions, I'll try and respond as soon as possible.




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