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How to Set Off Your Summer Style with a Bang!

By Arzoo Sharma @prettynhealthy

Summer is fast approaching and, for many, it's time to open up those wardrobe doors and look at your clothing options for the warmer months. Whatever your plans are, you will no doubt want to look effortlessly chic and stylish while dressing for the sun and, sometimes, your old summer wardrobe just doesn't quite cut it.

    How to Set Off Your Summer Style with a Bang!How to Set Off Your Summer Style with a Bang!

Rather than clearing out your entire wardrobe and buying an entirely new one, however, there are some things you can do to jazz it up a little so that your clothes go from worn-out and tired, to fully fresh and the height of fashion!

Accessorize Your Style

It has long been known amongst those deeming themselves followers of fashion that accessories have the unique ability to make or break an entire outfit, transform the overall look and feel, and alter the way it looks on you.

In the summer months, your accessorizing should focus on stunningly eye-catching luxury eyewear, cool but stylish footwear - sandals are often the best option - and distinctivehats. A simple white linen dress can be elevated by the addition of thick-rimmed, pillar box red sunglasses, a chic waist belt in red (or, if you're feeling nautical, in blue and white stripes), and a pair of comfortable red sandals, with a wide-brimmed straw hat to set the whole look off. But, if you want a more bohemian look, you could try keeping the dress loose with a thin, baggy shirt, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and some pastel-colored boat shoes.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

The likelihood that what is in your wardrobe from last summer, or the summer before, is still in good condition is quite high, so rather than buying new items, why not repurpose existing ones instead?

Altering items of clothing not only helps to switch up your style, effortlessly taking your wardrobe from winter to summer and back again, but is also a more sustainable way of remaining fashionable. Got a fading pair of jeans that you no longer wear? Cut them into some denim shorts. A baggy t-shirt that is just too heavy for summer? Cut the bottom half away and hem it to create a stylish crop top that's perfect for the warmer weather.

You can also dye your clothes to change them up and make them feel vibrant and fresh - tie-dye has made a comeback and is relatively cheap and simple to do in your own home, and means you can create a whole range of customized clothes for your summer wardrobe!

Embrace the Brights

If you aren't daring enough to alter the color palette of your wardrobe, then you might prefer playing with your makeup looks instead. Whether you're usually a nude makeup wearer or prefer au naturel, there are some colorful tips that will help you to come out of your shell and create a playful summer style that's sure to impress.

A simple swipe of red lipstick can change up a whole look, turning you into a dramatic vixen in an instant. If red is a bit much, orange or peach colors are also very summery and have a similar, if less in-your-face, effect. To find out your perfect shade, you'll want to check whether you have pink or yellow undertones to your skin, otherwise you'll end up with lippy that would look better on a clown!

This year, we're embracing bold, bright eyeshadows to make our outfits pop. Whether you want to sweep bright green hues over your lids, or add an iridescent shimmer, it's important that you either match, accentuate, or contrast your outfit's color scheme - you don't want to create a visual that is over-the-top, after all.

So, there's no need to toss out your old summer wardrobe, as there's plenty of ways to update it and freshen it up that doesn't require the endless traipsing around shops.

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