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5 Secrets to Prettier Looking Feet

By Arzoo Sharma @prettynhealthy

If you're always on the go, your feet will go through a lot. Whether you're going to the gym, heading to work, or simply getting from A to B, unless you take good care of your feet, you could end up with dry, cracked heels and foot pain.

Secrets Prettier Looking Feet
Secrets Prettier Looking Feet

Our feet tend to be one of the most ignored parts of our bodies and are usually only given attention when there's a problem. As your feet are constantly exposed to varied and harsh environments, here are five simple tips that can keep your feet and toes looking fresh, healthy, and radiant.

Foot Scrub

Exfoliating your skin works wonders on your feet, especially if you have dead skin that is tough to shed. Using a foot scrub regularly can smooth away calluses, keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, not to forget less foot pain. You can either use a specialist foot scrub or opt for a regular scrub. Make sure that you exfoliate once a week; you will soon notice an improvement in how your feet look.

Keep Them Clean

Whether you've had a long soak in the bath or a shower, you must get into the habit of thoroughly toweling your feet. If you don't keep your feet clean, they won't absorb the key nutrients and moisturizers needed to keep them healthy. Dirty feet can harbor microbes that cause premature aging. Simplyuse warm water and soap when cleansing your feet, and make sure you do so before you head to bed. If you have been in a dusty environment all day, you shouldn't wait until the next morning.

Moisturize Regularly

Just like you would with your face, you need to keep your feet well moisturized. As the winter months arrive, it's more important than ever to look after your feet. While feet are known to be tough and resilient, that doesn't mean you should neglect them. Your feet can dry easily, causing peeling and cracks. So, using a specialist cream to keep them moisturized is key for healthy feet. When using a cream or lotion, make sure you don't leave any between your toes.


There are lots of ways you can protect your feet from damage and dryness. If you have a day off from work and want to lounge around the house, it's better to wear a pair of socks, rather than be barefoot. To add an element of joy, you can wear a pair of novelty socks that will prevent dirt pickup and reduce the risk of irritation or dryness. For those who love to wear heels, try and reduce how many hours you're in them. Here are tips you can take on board that will reduce foot pain and discomfort from wearing high heels.

See Your Doctor

If you have any concerns about your feet, you should make an appointment with your doctor. While it's important to keep your feet in good condition, those living with diabetes need to take extra precautions. Your doctor can advise you on what treatment or creams will work best for your feet.

Common foot problems like cracked heels and ingrown toenails are nuisances that many of us face. If you have a beauty regime that you swear by, you should include your feet in the process. If you're not happy with how your feet look, there are lots of simple tactics that can keep them clean, well moisturized, and beautiful.

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