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How to Save Money Decorating Your Bathroom

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

When you are decorating on a budget, the toughest part is deciding when to be thrifty, and when to spend more. It’s easy to get carried away with stylish decor that would leave your guests breathless, but that wouldn’t leave much for the basic necessities such as bath mats, shower curtains, and waste baskets. It’s important to balance style and functionality when decorating your bathroom. Finding that balance is important if you want to save money. This doesn’t mean you need to have an old boring bathroom. There are ways to save money and still have a stylishly decorated bathroom.

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If you really want to save money decorating the bathroom, roll up those sleeves and flex those DIY muscles. The bathroom is a great place to get creative and add a personal touch. You don’t need to rely on buying everything brand new and bathroom specific. Shop around at thrift stores and yard sales for waste baskets and storage containers. Perhaps you’ll even find an old bedroom dresser to turn into an antique bathroom vanity. Follow the link below for more money saving decorating tips.

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