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How to Quit Your Job - A Case Study On Quitting Your Job

Posted on the 11 September 2017 by David Mark @fastwaystoearn
Am going to share with you how I replace my day job income, became my own boss and the ugly embarrassing mistakes I made along the way. I hope you will get a take out of it.How to Quit Your Job

Everyone Gives you the Glamorous DetailsEveryone wants to make themselves look like it was easy for them.We're trained to try to make ourselves look good - we only post the flattering pictures on Facebook, we only post the clever ideas on Twitter and only show our best selves.We don't often see the ugly messier side of people But Reality is much messier than that. Success story overnight is everywhere.The path to working for yourself is often lonely, hard and brutally trying. But the good news is that it's worth it and if you are willing to do whatever it takes, you can do this.There are many days when you feel like giving up. But if you're willing to fail, you can do this, because I was willing to fail that is why I was able to succeed in the end.Most People's Stories Look Like This.... "Holy crap, I just launch X product and it sold out in 24 minutes! I can't believe it!! Thank you, everyone, for all of your support and encouragement. I couldn't have done it without you"This story makes people feel inferior. And it makes people believe it's easy to quit your job and became an entrepreneur. The reality is that this road is not for everyone and some people are more suited to work for someone else.Becuase is not always that glamorous, because of this stories people think that they can just throw up a blog and immediately attract a bunch of subscribers and start making money. That is what I thought in the beginning.But Reality is Much More Like This........After 1-year of totally screwing up everything possible and completely getting wrong what my customers wanted 17 times, I finally figured it out. At least I have a better idea than I have in the past, and people are actually responding these days. All the unpaid time I worked putting sweat equity into this amounts to me getting three times less than a Taiwanese sweatshop worker......but it was absolutely worth it.When people see a story like this, people make seen it so easy. That all you have to do is to publish a bunch of blog post and it gonna start magically attracting people.Here's what my personal evolution looked like.....

  • Month 1-4: Made a total of zero dollars. Had no idea what I was doing or what a business plan even was.
  • Month 4-7: Make a total of about $100. Started to realize that "Monetizing" is not a sound business strategy.
  • Mothe 6-9: Made about $1,000. Started doing affiliate marketing and realized that this might actually be possible. Still making about $2.5 an hour, which is not enough.
The Truth is..... I almost gave upIn the beginning when I told my brother about my plan to be a "professional blogger" he told me I was crazy and that it would take 5+ years If I was lucky.

I decided to prove him wrong, I didn't know how I was gonna do it, but I knew I have a vision and I was willing to do whatever it takes.

But somewhere along the way I almost gave up. I was getting so frustrated trying so many things and spending so much time doing what gurus, marketers said, none of it was working, none of it was paying off.It was too much work for little return.How I Landed The GigReality is always much messier than that. In my case, it happened completely by luck. However, because I was always trying to help others and leverage my own talents to partner with others, it came about organically.Why Partnerships are almost like CheatingPartnerships act like a shortcut to success; they're almost like "cheating." 

You get someone else with an established audience, authority and influence to recommend you to their people. You don't have to do all that hard work of trying to build a relationship with them years by years because that person already has a relationship and they recommend you to them And in the process, you get instant credibility and build a following by leveraging others people work.

There's a saying in the real estate world, "Use other people's money". Well, on the internet, it's Use other people's blogs to build an audience."Great Partnerships Happen OrganicallyPartnerships are a messy business. And they almost always happen organically ( in other words, there's no system or formula of 7 steps you can follow toexplodeyour partnership overnight). It doesn't really work like that.
  • However, it doesn't happen on accident. It involves constantly seeking out and seizing opportunities, introducing yourself to other and being willing to be a little uncomfortable.
You have to be willing to put yourself out there and make an action and take the risk of potentially being rejected. That is where it comes out, the fear of being rejection we have, and if you're willing to get over there and not care if you get rejected, you can become more successfulthen90% of people that fear to be gettingreject.What Helped me Form Partnerships
There's one thing that helped me form partnerships that I still do to this day.

It's simple: find the thing you're the best at, and try to help others with it that are weaker at that thing.

For me. this is copywriting and tech related stuff. And I can help others solve tech challenges that are frustrating them relatively easily. I can also write copy in my sleep.
If I see someone struggle in my niche I can help them out with it and build a relationship with those people.You need to find the thing you're the best at and start helping other people with, that is how you start to build partnership quickly.The Big Product BreakthroughIf you thought you could just get a bunch of readers to a blog and think money would somehow show up, But Unfortunately if that doesn't work too well for you in reality. It works but it a very small percentage.You can try selling other people product. if that doesn't work for you as well.Apparently, there's this thing called a business model you need tofucuson. 1. Selling your own product2. Co-creating your product with your audienceHow To Co-created Your Product with you Audience* First, Involve your audience in identifying the core need ( Use a simple question in a blog post)
* Made them feel like part of the process ( continually update your reader throughout the writing and asked for input)

* Gave them early access and special benefits for being early buyers ( gave everyone 50% off on your newsletter list, and group coaching sessions)
* Got them invested in the Product of how the idea come to be (share with them your journey)* Adjust course based on the feedback they gave youThe Working Evolution Of my Friend who Makes it big on the Internet1.Months 1-6: Experimented with Adsense, selling ads privately. He used StumbleUpon and Digg to drive traffic.2.Months 6-12: He tested affiliate marketing, he launches his own product. He uses twitter, facebooks, and guest posts to drive traffic.3.Year 2: He quit his job, he started one-on-one coaching, launch the second product. Experimented with a free manifesto to drive traffic.That is it.....If you want to quit your job and make this work, all you need to do is try different thing and see what work. If the stuff doesn't work, just throw away the stuff that doesn't work. That is how you make it as an entrepreneur. 

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