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How to Pull off a Fancy Dress Outfit – Guest Post

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

How to Pull off a Fancy Dress Outfit

Fancy dress parties are not everyone’s cup of tea because some people feel awkward getting dressed up, yet it just takes a few shifts in attitude to allow you to pull off even more bizarre outfits.

The first thing to think about is who or what you are going go dressed as. Parties will tend to have themes, so this will narrow down your options, but then it is all about you taking a bit of time to think about what outfits you might be able to put together.

When you are considering possibilities, the two things you want to have in mind are how comfortable you will feel in the costume and whether the outfit or personality means anything to you. If you are dressing up as one of your personal idols or a literary character you love, then you might be willing to dress a little more extravagantly, so let this aspect play a part in your choice.

The fact is that the key to pulling off a fancy dress outfit is a combination of an accurate costume and your own underlying confidence, which will be vastly improved if you have great affection for your chosen character. Chances are that your outfit will be a conversation starter, so if you can talk about that person then you will have plenty to say on the night.


With regards to the quality of the costume, it is crucial not to scrimp too much. Fair enough, do not buy a top-of-the-range suit for the party since it is obviously not worth it; however, bits and pieces of costume jewellery can really tie an ensemble together, yet will not bankrupt you.

This is another mistake that people make; they feel uncomfortable at parties because they feel like they have not gone to enough effort for their costume, but they did not want to do so beforehand. A bad costume is a bad costume, so of course they are not going to feel great in it.

Finally, remember that everyone at a costume party has been told to dress up, so you will not look over-eager by making a proper effort and looking memorable.

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