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How to Protect Yourself From HPV and Cervical Cancer

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Health_news

94_How to Protect Yourself From HPV and Cervical Cancer

With emerging development and growth in every sector of our life, we are facing a major issue on the other hand as well. This is with respect to diseases and other body related problems. Although the world is achieving great success and is moving ahead, the human race is going through some known and some unheard diseases as well. With diseases like H1N1, chicken guinea, herpes, etc… the threat to life is radically increasing. Cancer has been the most difficult disease for any person to hear and further stand too. But one of the key threats and problems which women are going through is Cervical Cancer.

An Overview: Cervical Cancer:

Cervical and breast cancer are the two most popular and seen cancers in today’s time worldwide. The emergence of the term “Cervical” comes from “Cervix”. Cervix is referred to the lower region of the uterus or womb in a woman. This cancer emerges at the entrant part of the womb (uterus). Cervical cancer is caused due to a virus known as HPV. HPV is Human papillomavirus. It is known as the common cold of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually active adults go through numerous STDs which sometimes get automatically treated. But one of those virus HPV increases to such an extent that it leads to the development of cervical cancer.

Protection from HPV and Cervical Cancer:

HPV infection is quite prevalent and common amongst people. Four out of five people often contract with HPV.

The following steps will help in preventing HPV from getting contracted:

  • Vaccination: Vaccination can help people from getting affected with HPV. Before getting into sexual contact, boys as well as girls can get themselves vaccinated with HPV vaccination. Cervarix and Gardasil are quite popular HPV vaccines in Australia. Males can get vaccinated between the ages of 9 to 26 years while female can start from 9 to 45 years.
  • Self Help: People can just not only rely on mere vaccination. There are numerous STDs that cannot be just cured with HPV vaccination. Hence, it is essential to take self care and meet the doctor in case of any doubts.
  • Regular Pap smear Tests: PAP Smear Test is used to detect and test the woman for cervical cancer. Right from the age when a woman gets involved into sexual activity, it becomes essential for her to take regular PAP Smear Test in every two years time. PAP test is quite accurate and it detects every change in the cell movement in uterus. It prevents the woman from getting into a difficult situation.
  • Talking and consultation with your doctor: Doctor is always the right person who will guide you in right direction. Hence although a person has undertaken vaccination and PAP Smear test, it is advisable to regularly check with the doctor as well. A health professional would understand the reports and the body well.


The body of a woman bears immense pain right from childhood. She takes the pain from suffering with menses, then pregnancy period and later menopause. In these phases, her body goes through several changes as well. Hence, it is very essential for her as well as her near ones to take utmost care to save her from getting into any problems like Cervical Cancer.

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