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How To: Pretty Liberty Decorations

By Bertyc @bertyc
How to: Pretty Liberty decorations
Ok, strictly speaking this is probably a Christmassy post, what with it being about baubles and everything. But I think it's ok to break the rules occasionally and I only discovered this idea after Christmas from my boyfriend's aunt who is very crafty and lovely. Also, this is one of the easiest pretty things you'll make this year.
How to: Pretty Liberty decorationsHow to: Pretty Liberty decorations
So I thought I'd do a post on it now and then again in November/December. You know, so you can see it when you actually want to. CLEVER.
It obviously doesn't have to be Liberty fabric, you can use any fabric, but this is a project that uses quite a small amount of fabric. So if you want an excuse to buy some expensive fabric but can't afford a lot of it, this would be it.
You can buy bags of Liberty scraps fairly cheaply from the very friendly Kim Porter. She posts orders very quickly and is generous with the amount. The bags are priced between £6 and £14 depending on the size of scraps in the bag). I bought a small bag and I've already made some mini bunting, 6 fabric baubles and I still have a lot left over. Liberty fabric, joy, if you ask me.
How to: Pretty Liberty decorations
All you need is:
  • Fabric
  • Polystyrene balls
  • PVA glue
  • Bauble hooks
  • Ribbon
  1. Cut up your pieces of fabric
  2. Glue them all to the ball
  3. Leave the ball to dry
  4. Push your bauble pins in
  5. Attach some ribbon and away you go
How to: Pretty Liberty decorations
IDEA: I like to use one color way of fabric for each bauble as it brings out the different designs nicely and makes it looks like you thought about it a little bit. (I didn't think about this that much, so it's nice to give that impression!)
How to: Pretty Liberty decorations
I would love to do this with a non polystyrene ball, to remove the environmental impact, so if you have any ideas as to what I should you instead, I'd love to hear from you.

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