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How to Prepare for a Brainstorming Session

Posted on the 18 September 2012 by Lindaluke @coachlindaluke

How to Prepare for a Brainstorming Session

While many people believe that generating ideas is a strictly mental process, some of the best guidance lies within your heart.  The mind speaks in the language of information and ideas and the heart language is about what is meaningful and in alignment with your deepest values and vision.  When used together, you can be inspired.  For this reason, I recommend the following steps as preparation for an idea generating session.

  • Go somewhere different – a new place refreshes your mind and broadens your world
  • Make it a quiet, peaceful place, preferably in or connected to nature
  • Center yourself using whatever process works for you – meditation, deep breaths, prayer
  • Visualize clearing your mind to create space for new ideas
  • Revisit your core values and vision
  • Form an intention for your process
  • Have a pad and paper ready – the act of writing can bring forward even more ideas

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