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How to Prep up This Friday to My Work?

By Rima

Never say SORRY to a Saree!

Though you may be left with excruciating marks on your waist, due to tightened petticoat – you can never miss ‘any’ occasion draping in a saree.

Be it Printed saree design or silk saree design, you must never leave an opportunity to ‘slay’ your best look in saree.

There are few tips on how to prep up in a saree and spellbound everyone with your looks.

  • Avoid looking too ‘Gaudy’

First and foremost, it’s an office and too much of a skin show and too much of calling attire wouldn’t look that ‘classy’ on a Friday at work.

georgette sarees online
Price: $74.25

Wearing a saree obviously would and could grab eyeballs and make tongues wag, but revealing blouses and transparent sarees can make you look either ‘silly’ or ‘sexy’, for which you could become an object of ‘ridicule’.

Light coloured Printed saree design in chiffon or crisp kalamkari designed cotton saree in bright shades of Pink, brown, red or white can make you look young and cool.

Chiffon sarees online

Pair it up with a Black three quarter blouse to look ‘classy’ and ‘sophisticated’.

  • A ‘Bun’ Hair do

Too much of girly hairstyle, irrespective of a short or long hair doesn’t look good to an office.  A side braid doesn’t match for an office atmosphere and a simple braid makes you look like a ‘behenji’.

Why not a bun hair-do with Chinese sticks?

Ash in saree
Source: google

This style definitely will make you look ‘cheeky’ and ‘sexy’.

  • ‘Pinned’ Up

Normally when you buy printed sarees online, the texture of the saree is such that it’s slippery and smooth. It’s so smooth that it’s being unmanageable.

What do you do in that case?

Sonam wearing designer saree
Source: google

Hence ‘pinning’ up your pallu and your pleats would be necessary. By neatly pinning up, you can save showcasing few ooh-la-la moments in front of your co-workers.

  • Lousy-Blouses

Avoid wearing terribly designed revealing blouses to office. Deep neck blouses can add an edge to your curvy back. If you’re bold enough, showcase your look in style sporting a ‘kopa’ hair-do.

  • Accessories

Excess of anything and over-do of anything is a complete NO-NO when it comes to traditional make-over to your office!

saree with silver jewelry
Source: google

Try antique, brass or silver jhumkas or ear drops in diamonds for achieving that ‘sanskaari’ look.

  • Cindrella ‘shoes’

What if you pair your saree look with a ‘sneaker’ shoes?

Wouldn’t that look interesting?

Indeed you can add a pep to saree look, wearing loafers or black sneakers.

Saree with sneaker
source: google

Neverthless, as I have solved your next week’s Friday attire and how to go about…All you’ve to do is to get printed sarees online at a lower price and in good quality.

Time is less for showcasing the real diva in you!

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