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How to Plan a Wedding!?

By Thebeautyscoop

How to Plan a Wedding!?

My wedding ring.

Yesterday was my anniversary with my fiancé, 8 years we have been together... engaged for 6 of them, yes that's right, SIX frigging years of being engaged and we still haven't even set a date for the wedding. This is due in part to us buying a house that has subsequently eaten every spare bit of money we have - and by spare, I mean money that isn't allocated already to buying make-up and pretty things (ha)!
So, with the desire to be married before I draw my pension (I'm 31 in less than one month and time is flying by), and without a lottery win to help our cause (it would help if I played it, of course), I've decided that I need to start making plans to finally get married as the house will never stop costing money and not planning anything will get us nowhere.
Now, I don't want my wedding to appear cheap, but it does need to cost as little as possible and without cutting huge corners, so I'll have to get a bit creative. This is why I've decided to blog about these things here and there to help me keep record of everything - and also because I'd love to hear your thoughts on things as and when I post about them.

How to Plan a Wedding!?

My ring again.

I have my beautiful, gorgeous wedding ring already, thanks to Goldsmith's and Tesco Clubcard Deals (romantic, I know) so that's one huge expense that I don't have to worry about, but I think that's about it as far as things I can tick off my enormous list goes.
So, if you have any hints, tips or ideas right now, feel free to comment and let me know as it's quite hard to know where to start. x
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