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How to Overcome the Fear of I Am Not Smart Enough.

By Lifestreasury

How to Overcome the Fear of I am not smart enough.
I had a one-on-one session with a client, and we discussed all he does, being a very interesting person, he listed a few which include,
-Motivational education
-Radio Shows
-Project Manager at an engineering firm 
He says all I want to do is SUCCEED but I have not moved higher because I am scared of not being smart enough to make a larger impact and I doubt myself sometimes".
I smiled because this sounded like my previous self.
I asked who do you think is intelligent enough, give me a few names?
And he goes quiet.
I want to share my advice with you that helped my client double up on and made his eyes pop (in his own words).
The secret is that "the people we believe are the best also have the greatest fear in themselves"
Like Marie Forleo said during her session with Todd 
I still live in the fear of hoping my message passes the right help to people and hoping I do not run out on messages.

My advice:
The very first thing we should note when caught up in fear of not being smart enough is that the very best of coaches and motivational speakers were taught by humans.
Humans who might not have been sure of what they were teaching but it sounded interesting, it sounded like a solution to those individuals who were being taught.
Breaking the fear of achieving success is about knowing who you are and the values that you have.
You too can own a new principle that you might want to tech people just make sure it is a SOLUTION.
That which you know is enough as long as it can heal what bothers me, heals what bothers that business lady or man and can be a blessing to lives, people crave solutions, they do not need to know how smart you are or how many books you have read but with the little you have read if you can draw up a mind blowing solution, then you are good to go.
Carefully think of a new solution you can offer properly and keep using it and gradually that will take away fear. With one Nod, two nods in agreement of your solution then you can calculate your success.
Success does not take too many occupations, it does not take too many books, it takes commitment and providing solution.
Nobody limits you from your success but you.
Learn to believe in yourself Today.
What are your own fears in achieving success? What other advices can you give? Kindly let us know in comment box below.

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