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How to Manage Time.

By Scarlettandstephen
How to manage time.
So it’s 11-11-11, one of the crazy popular wedding dates.  We’re actually out shooting a wedding today, so we confess, we pre-scheduled this blog entry so that you didn’t think we forgot about you.

But it’s that day again that we love to connect with you photographers out there who secretly stalk our blog.  We know you are there.  We know you are curious.  And we LOVE having you here be part of our slice of community on the web.

Anyways… We had a great launch last week with our new video episodes called FAQ Friday, and we’re thrilled to bring you another one, and another great question asked on our Facebook page!  If you’ve got more questions, be sure to leave us a question on our wall, and we just might answer YOUR question next time!

This week we talk about the forever juggling act of….. managing TIME.  We give 4 great tips for running a more efficient business that will help to eliminate wasted unnecessary time that is easy to get sucked into as a photographer and artist running a business.

We also have a new Tweet Tweet for you to marinate on and make you think twice about the expectations you set for clients.

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And be sure to check out MCP Actions who we mentioned in the video as a great resource to help you edit even quicker!

We wold love to hear from you too in our comment box below!

Q: If you got your business to a place of giving you more personal time, who would you spend that time with and why is your time with them valuable?

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AUSSIES:  Are you a photographer in Australia????  Somehow, some of you know who we are.  It still amazes us how the internet can bring us all together.  But if you ARE from Australia, you’ll definitely want to get on the list because we have some EXCITING news coming up for YOU about an upcoming trip we are making down under.


How to manage time.

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