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How to Make Your Own Lip Palette.

By Fashionmakeupandbeauty @_melissajayne
You will need:Candle of any sortWatercolour paint set (WHSmiths £2.99)Baby WipesTable SpoonKnife/scissorsLipsticksStickers (optional) 

How to make your own lip palette.

Everything needed

How to make your own lip palette.
  • Take out the paints to uncover the palette underneath. And do what you will with the paints.

  • Light the candle.
  • Get a lipstick and cut a little off the top which you think will fill the section when melted (if you melt to little you can add too, if you melt to much it can get messy and wastage happens.
  • Put the lipstick on the spoon and hold over flame till melted.
  • Once melted pour into a section of the tray and leave to cool.
Be careful after the lipstick has melted the spoon will be extremely hot!
How to make your own lip palette.

After you have done the steps you will be left with something like this.I love the look of it. It is good for people who go to college, like a selection of lipstick colours with them or even if your going away on holiday or business and don't want to bring lots of tubes which take up more space and not to mention more weight!. This was my personal reasons, college and because im going away for 4 months to Australia which is half way across the world and cant nip back for a lipstick!. 

How to make your own lip palette.

The finished product

If you cannot remember colours you have put in or the finish of a certain lipstick you could stick a little sticker on with the info in it. But of course it is optional.It is very easy to do!If you have any questions just ask!Much lipstick love!Melissa xo

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