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How to Make Your Own Blog With Inspiration

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen
PictureJelly Belly Inspiration
I have been blogging on for almost a year now.  When I first started to blog, I had trouble finding a ton of things that would inspire me to write and actually post.  I would sit and stare at my screen, and I would eat Jelly Belly's. (I am convinced these are the best candies ever! High in sugar, but no cholesterol! Finding the positive...)
After a while, I realized that blogging is no easy task!  Why you ask?  Because you have to blog and do it with a convincing tone and with inspiration.  While my inspiration comes from doing things I love, others may have a more difficult time.  I know I did when I first started.  I wanted to jump in and just GO! So where should you start?
Start with making a list of the things you love and enjoy. It can be anything! This is your starting point, and it could be random.  The things I like the most are creating things and crafting, sharing, reading, health and beauty, eating, cooking, healthy foods, and Jelly Belly candy of course!  While I have focused mostly on crafts, healthy choices, and recipes, I can still add in more content as I grow.  Besides, that is what blogging is all about, sharing what you know and love, and that includes adaptation and change over time. 

PictureJelly Belly Inspiration
Even this post is a bit of Jelly Belly Inspiration. While I normally grab a bag and just dive in, today I decided that my lovely Jelly Belly's needed a better looking home than that plastic bag.  So, while I was in the middle of my glass oil lamp tutorial, I decided my Jelly Belly's needed a new lovely home.  
I grabbed my extra corked bottle I picked up from Hobby Lobby and poured in my lovely Jelly Belly's.  There are 4 large bags of Jelly Belly's in there!  Soda flavors, Snapple flavors, Fruit flavors, Sour flavors, and more!  I love having them all mixed up, because you never know what flavor you are going to get next.  New Jelly Belly inspiration home complete! 
PicturePinkWhen Heaven - Blogging with Inspiration
Needless to say, your inspiration for your blog and your posts come from what you love and enjoy.  Make sure you stay true to that, or you won't keep it up for long.  Share what you know, share what you love, and the rest will come together like Jelly Belly's in a bottle. 
And that's all for my Random Saturday post! Go get inspired...
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