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How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger!

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger!
It would be amazing to afford one of the bathrooms like above, I'm obsess with those baths and the giant mirror especially! However in reality we only have a basic little bathroom upstairs which we could do with decluttering a little!  Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, you probably spend every morning in there getting ready and it’s perhaps the space you should find most relaxing if, like me, you love a long soak in the bath (if I ever get the chance anyway!). 

Therefore, it is important to maximise your bathroom space to make it as clean and spacious as possible. It can easily and very quickly turn into toys r us when you have little ones, luckily, there are tricks to make the smallest of bathrooms look bigger! 

Colouring  Neutral, lighter colours are known to do the best job of making a bathroom look bigger. It is also worth sticking to similar shade rather than make the color regime too ‘busy’, if you do want to pick out the occasional bolder color try and limit it to smaller objects such as a cabinet or piece of wall art!
Tiles  Tiling all the way up to the ceiling around the bath will make walls look taller. It is all about having as few transitions as possible, so try and match the tone of the tiles to that of the walls around them. Also try light colours again, white is always so brightening and really makes the sun bounce off them!
Clear Glass Shower  Having a shower screen which is clear glass rather than frosted eradicates another barrier in the room and therefore opens it out. You may not get as much privacy but it will make a big difference to a small room, even one that folds on itself too will create more space!
How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger!
Use Mirrors  Mirrors are well-known to make a room appear larger, take the opportunity to install the biggest mirror possible above your sink if the wall behind permits it. An outlet such as Ideal Standard has a fantastic selection of mirrors and you should also consider mirrored surfaces where there is the option!
Maximum Natural Light  This can be a tricky one for smaller spaces but make sure natural light from windows is impeded as little as possible, try not pile up items on the window sill which block out too much light. If you need to create privacy by adjusting the window glass, use translucent window shade or tone-on-tone stained glass window rather than blinds or shutters. Remember, a nice light bathroom will also help with your make-up! 
Cavity Storage  Shelves and cabinets jutting out into precious bathroom space is unavoidable in a lot of rooms but if you have interesting walls which allow for storage within their recesses maximise that opportunity. It is vital to utilise smaller bathroom spaces to their full potential and in a lot of cases this means being creative. Built in cabinets are so much more spacious and still keeps all your products hidden away!
Other Storage Options  As well as in recesses, fit cabinets and storage solutions under sinks and high up where possible so they are out of the way and you are not taking up valuable space, storage cabinets are great in bathrooms, especially those with deep drawers, ours currently has one for Abbies toys, one for nappies and wipes and another for our bath products!
If you are planning an all-together new bathroom always consult a plumber who should be able to advise you on utilising your space to it’s full potential without sacrificing things like water pressure, experts have all the answers!

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