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How to Make Money Selling Advertisement On Your Website

Posted on the 21 October 2017 by David Mark @Ataghan_micheal
Make Money Selling AdvertisementToday I'm going to teach you about advertising on your website. You build a website, maybe you have a great content and you want to make some money from it. This article will show you how to get startedLet Get Started

1. Understand The Banner Ads

Becuase the banner ads, is the way you're going to do the advertising
  • Do You Have the Traffic?
If you just started a site and no one knows about it, you're not going to be able to sell advertising. An advertiser is looking for eyeballs.They want to make sure that if they are buying ads on your site. That there are thousands of people on a regular basis they might see the ads and click it then go to their site and buy something.The first question you have to ask yourself is, do you have the traffic? To know if you have any traffic on your website, to look at google analysis.If your webmaster all whoever build your website as not install some statistics or tracking system, you need to ask him about that. And google analysis is one of the best.Once you get enough traffic, then you can start selling advertising.
  • Do You Have the Right Audience?
If you are going to be selling advertising, for example, if I have a site that talks about dogs, I would not want to sell advertising to a car company.You want to stick with the audience, you want to make sure that you have the audience they are looking for.
  • Will You Be Paid on the:
Decide how you're going to be paid. Becuase with advertising on a website you can be paid in a variety of way, basically you can be paid on 
  • Impression
  • Click
  • Sale
Let talk aboutImpressionAn impression is someone seeing your page, for example, let say you have a site where you post all the information about dogs and all the people that love dogs coming to your site to read your blog.If you want to get paid on impression, that means, you would get paid by the advertiser for 1000 time their ads display on your site.That is an easy way, but it requires trafficPay Per ClickThe advertiser only pays you when someone actually clicks on their ads and go to their website, if you have a dog site, and maybe there is a book about dogs if someone clicks on their ads and goes to their page talking about books about dogs. Then they would pay you for that click.Pay Per SaleFor example, if you are selling dogs books, and someone on your site click on the ads and they go to that advertiser site and then they buy some books.Then the advertiser might pay you a commission, maybe 10% of the sale.

2. Location, Location

There is a different type of banner ads, some banners are at the top, down the site, or on the button, some ember in the content.Also, you need to understand that there is different type of banners ads
  •  Skyscrapers-  Very tall ads at the top of a website or down the left and right
  • Buttons- Button of your site
  • Pop-ups- The ads will basically show up when someone visits your website
Draw the LineWhen we are talking about banners ads, you need to draw the line on what acceptable, think about your audience, you always want to preview their ads before you put it on your website. Make sure you don't scare your audience, if there are kids coming to your site, you need to be extra careful about the type of ads that show up.Two Different Way to Sell Advertising on Your SiteChoose Your Method

Method 1. Find Your Own Advertisers

If you are going to find someone to advertise on your website, make sure you find someone that is Complimentary, NOT Competitive.If you have a dogs grooming site, and you're giving an expert idea on dog grooming, You will not want to find another dog grooming to advertise on your site.You want to find someone that is complimentary, in your case, you may want to find someone who sells dog grooming supply.You have to find someone complimentary to what you are doing, but not competitive.Have You Used Their Service or Product?If I'm going to have a specific product on my website, I will actually go and buy their product, I want to see what's like to work with them.Just think about it, people go to your site, then click on the advertiser and they get the terrible product, gues who get the complain, "You" You don't want to go after advertiser if you don't know what their reputation is like or what their product is like.I know a lot of bloggers who say they only allow advertisers from a product they actually use. So you need to consider that, your reputation is tired to that advertiser.What's it Worth?If you go out to look for an advertiser, what are you going to charge them? This is a tough question.Basically, you have to find out what the rang is, and one of the best ways to do that is to go to the site a similar to yours. And send them an email that if you want to advertise on their site, what they would charge.That is a great way to find out how the market is showing, or you can just come up with a rate and see what happen.You can throw out a number and they would determine whether it worth it and then you can lowing it or raise it up. But is not what you really looking for, because there is no specific guideline for what you can charge for advertising.Remember, those rates are base on whether you are giving the impression, clicks, or commission on sales.

Method 2. Use an Ad Network

The reason I like ad network is that is so easy, you don't have to go out there and find people to advertise on your site.Just plug in a set of code from ad networks and ads would start showing up. But the way most ad networks work is through pay per click and pay per sale.The rate is predetermined.You don't get to say is going to cost you per click, they would be the one to determine that, so you just have to take it.The biggest one out there is Google Adsense, The good thing about Adsense is that the ads that show up for one person are different for what shows up for another. Becuase google actually know through your cookies what your visitor is looking forFor example, If you've been searching through cars, Google knows that, so the ads that would come up on my website for you, would be about cars. I don't have to do that, Google did that.The advantage of an ad network is, you don't have to work any, if you have enough traffic coming in, you can plug in some code and ads will start appearing, and as people click on it, google drop money into your bank account.But remember, you have no control on what you charge on that, so keep that in mind.Alright, folks, that is another way for you to make money from your site selling ads, but remember, you need traffic. traffic is the key

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