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How To Make Money By Selling Ringtones

By Moamen Enoo
How To Make Money By Selling Ringtones

Nowadays the majority of people personalize their cell phones with specific ringtones. These ringtones become their signature and not only recognize their cell phones but also reveal an individual's personality and their taste in music. However, you can also make money by selling your ringtones online.

MusicDigi is an excellent digital store to sell your music online. They will help in distributing your music to all the popular music stores that will help in the promotion too. It also aids in selling ringtones easily. You will have copyright and will be paid every month. They offer you the best services and assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Nowadays there are numerous online platforms available that quickly and effortlessly help you sell your music as ringtones and make money.

How to create a ringtone?

Ringtones can be created by trimming the songs or sounds that you love the most. Here are some steps to create them:

  • Find the type of ringtone that is trending. Research by visiting various websites.
  • Now download audio editing software like Audacity, WavePad, etc. and let them install.
  • Open the software and upload your favorite music tunes. Edit them by adding beats and other tools until you find it perfect.
  • Crop the song with the help of software and select a portion of the song not lasting more than 20 seconds.
  • You can even install voice recording software if you want to set any kind of messages or poetry as a ringtone. Edit them to make it computer-generated.
  • Create an account on the database store where ringtones can be sold. Promote your work by providing links on blogs and engaging with people on social media platforms.

By making money selling ringtones, you can earn a good amount of money. Some of the most popular, authentic, and genuine online services that enable you to sell your ringtones and help you earn your living are listed below.

Myxer enables you to create, distribute, and sell mobile phone ringtones as well as wallpapers. The site will provide you with the mobile content store that you can link with other social media platforms to attract the number of buyers. You can sell your ringtones between $0.99 and $2.99.

  • Offers a variety of tools to create ringtones and wallpapers
  • Anyone with no technical skills can easily create and sell ringtones.
  • Provide codes that help you to download the ringtones directly from cell phones
  • Payments through PayPal
  • No upfront costs
    Myxer keeps 70% of the gross sale to cover its cost

It enables you to convert your audio into ringtones and sell them via your mobile content webstore. You can embed these "web stores" on your website, blog page, Facebook, etc. It enables you to keep 40-50% of gross sales to yourself. The recommended price for ringtones varies from $0.99 to $3.00.

    Personalized embedded "webStores" for selling your ringtones

Another such site is Payloadz. It is a platform for selling digital goods. You can use this site to sell any kind of digital goods including songs and ringtones. They charge 20% per sale.


You can include ringtone selling in your business. Several online firms are available for selling your ringtones which may boost your sales and income if you are an independent artist.

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