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How to Make Chocolate Brownies Recipe

By Treatntrick
How to make Chocolate Brownies Recipe @
How to Make Chocolate Brownies  combine rich cocoa powder with  milk chocolate  to create a  irresistible treat.
It has been months I bake brownies for my family.  They are simple to make by combining dry ingredients in one bowl while whisking the wet ingredients in a separate bowl.
For non cake like brownies, always undercook them a bit so they are moist and gooey.
Let the How to Make Chocolate Brownies  cool  completely before slicing with a thin knife dipped in hot water then wiping dry or use a plastic one to get a smooth evenly cut brownie.   I usually  don't go for all the trouble  since people eat brownies too quickly to care what they look like.
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How to make Chocolate Brownies Recipe @
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