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How to Make An Effective Nursing Résumé

Posted on the 20 July 2012 by Pacificcollege @pacificcollege1

How to Make An Effective Nursing RésuméIf you’re right out of nursing school and you’re looking for jobs in the US, then you’re going to have to update your résumé. Unless you have certain key points in your résumé you won’t have an effective one, which really won’t help you get a nursing job. Here are a few pointers that will help you enhance your nursing résumé.

Make a summary of your qualifications to show the employers what your actual value is. A lot of times students who just get out of nursing school usually are misinformed when it comes to writing a résumé. But highlighting your qualifications to show the employers exactly what you are capable of is really going to give you that extra edge.

Add a section that shows the employers what your expertise is. You might be extra good at something or things than others. Add a section in your résumé that highlights those strengths. If you have not had a lot of experience and don’t know what to put, you can simply add things like expertise in orthopedics or pediatrics, and so on.

When you write about your experience in nursing, try and write it in a very detailed manner. What employers want to see is what kind of work you have managed to do in nursing school, what your caseload consisted of and what your area of specialization for the nursing degree was.

You need to show employers that you are a good performer. In order to do that you need to add a list of the seminars, projects and papers you have written or attended, what your accomplishments have been and what kind of training you’ve attended.

If you can keep these points in mind when you write your résumé, you can actually manage to increase your chances of finding a nursing job.

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