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How to Make a Shell Necklace

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen

How to make a shell necklace, and without a drill!

Picture Shell Necklace Tutorial How to Make a Shell Necklace When the family and I go to the beach, we have a few traditions we like to do.  Grill out, relax, go hunting for crabs, relax, build sand castles, relax, watch for dolphins, relax, and hunt for gorgeous sea shells every morning.
This year we were able to get most of the things on the above list accomplished (except for the relax part, which is why I am harping on it!)  We did build our sand castles, grilled out on the patio, saw dolphins jumping and playing, and found a TON of sea shells.  Between all of us, we have a HUGE bag full.  I had an idea to make a few projects out of them, and the first craft the kiddos all voted for were for necklaces!   You only need a few supplies, and no drill involved! 
  • Shell
  • Bails (found at craft stores)
  • Cord or Chain
  • Diamond Glaze (found at craft stores)

Picture Supplies Take your shell and make sure to clean it with warm soapy water.  This will get the salt water off and remove any smells associated with that.  (Don't let it soak too long or it can become brittle.)
After you have your shell cleaned, grab your diamond glaze and add a dab to the backside of the shell. Picture Dab a bit of Diamond Glaze to the backside of your clean shell After you have your glaze on the shell, carefully place your bail onto the shell and then let dry.  It usually doesn't take very long, but I gave it an hour to be safe.  Picture Allow the glaze to dry with the bail affixed to the shell Once you have your bail set and dry, grab some cording or a chain to wear with your necklace!  I liked the idea of cord for the picture, but you could really dress this up with a nice silver chain.  Very beachy, and very summery! 
Here is a cheesy photo of me wearing my new little necklace! Picture Cheesy blogger photo…beach hair and all... That was a quick little tutorial!! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks and check out the other fun Sea Shell craft ideas I will be sharing.  Remember to save those Shells at the beach!

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By Elva Andrews
posted on 20 October at 16:02
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