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How to Make a Paper Flower Naricissus

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
learn to make a paper flower narcissusphotography by Trisha Zemp 
Back with another paper flower tutorial. The narcissus is similar to the daffodil but it comes with a different template and slightly different steps. Next week I'll be showing you something I made with it so you'll want to bookmark it for reference.
materials paper flowerMaterials: double sided crepe paper in the color of your choice, double sided green paper,  wire cutters, scissors, glue gun, floral wire, thicker 18 gauge wire (I cut mine in half so it's about 9"), a small square of orange or red crepe paper, template (download here)
Step 1. Cut out the templates. I cut mine out on chipboard so they are sturdier and last longer
Step 2: Cut out the leaves and petals onto the crepe. Remember that the small three lines on each template piece indicate the grain of the crepe paper.
Step 3. To make the center of the narcissus you'll bring the two ends together of the square and glue them together to firm a circle.
Step 4. With your thumbs and forefingers, do what's called "fluting" and shape the wavy pattern at the top by going back and forth so that it creates a wave effect.
Step 5. With the edge of your scissors, gently curl each petal. Not too much. It should be an easy curl.
Step 7. With your thumb and forefinger, "flute" each side of the petal so that it's wavy.Step 8. With a small piece of floral wire, wrap the base of the center of the narcissus and pull the wires down at the end.Step 9. Start adding on the petals to the base of the center of the flower by adding a dab of glue on.steps to create paper flowerStep 10: Continue adding the petals around the base of the center until it's all filled out.
Step 11: Fluff out the center of the flower by circling around with your index finger.
Step 12: Stick a wire up the base of the center and glue it.
Step 13: Make a stem by cutting a 1" piece of crepe paper going against the grain.
Step 14: Glue at the top of the stem slightly cutting off the base of the petals.
Step 15: Wrap around securely twisting the stem paper around the wire.
Step 16: When you want to add in a leaf simply dab some glue to the base and then continue wrapping around it again.
Step 17: Cut off any excess at the end and glue the paper to the end.
Step 18: To create color at the top of the center of the flower, roll your small square of orange crepe paper, dab it in water, and use it like a crayon going around the center of the flower. It'll act like watercolor.
paper flower narcissuspaper flower narcissusIsn't she lovely? Stay tuned for the project I create with it next week.

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