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How to Make a Call of Duty Elite Clan

Posted on the 26 November 2011 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog
How to Make a Call of Duty Elite ClanHow to Make a Call of Duty Elite Clan
It seems Elite is finally coming online and producing the exceptional gaming experience that it promised before its’ problem riddled launch. Although there are still a few bugs in the system, those bugs are slowly being worked out. One of the bugs is invites to clans. However, we are here today to walk you through how to make a Call of Duty Elite Clan.
We are not sure if you can build a clan with the FREE version of Elite since we built our clan after purchasing the $49.99 paid version. One of the advantages of the paid version allowed us to create a clan and start it with 500 XP, making the clan look more experienced than it really is. This boost of XP seems to do very little for us right now, but we are sure it will come in handy in the future.
In order to make a Call of Duty Elite Clan, you should first check to see if the clan name is already taken, since it does not seem that the Elite program allows duplicates. We chose GEICO for a nostalgic reason (since we used =oo= as our gamer tag for MW2/MW3). There was no other team out there named GEICO, so we got lucky. As time goes on and you attempt to build clans, we are sure that there will be a sharp increase in clan names taken, making you choose alternate spellings.
Once you have a clan name, your next step is to actually make a Call of Duty Elite Clan through You will need to build this account (if not already linked to your gamer tag and XBOX Elite account) through the website itself (log in/ sign up). Most people are getting frustrated while attempting to make the account on the Elite tab online during in game play. This is not allowed at this time.  Once you are in, click on the "my account" section and click on "profile" once it shows on the dropdown.  Once in there, you can click on "Enter Call of Cuty Elite."  Once in this area, click on the "Connect" tab on the left.  Now click on "clans."  You will finally have the choice to Start of Find a clan!
Once you go to the Elite website and make your clan, you can invite friends or simply tell them to look up the clan through the clan search feature during in game play. Don’t have time to manage your own clan or simply do not want to make one? Well then look us up. Our clan name is GEICO and we are forming now!
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