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How to Maintain a 4 Car Hauler? 3 Expert’s Tips

Posted on the 17 September 2020 by Infinity Trailers @InfinityTrailer
How to maintain a 4 car hauler? 3 expert’s tips

A 4 car hauler is a very common type of flatbed car trailer that can carry 4 cars or vehicles from one place to another. As compared to other car trailers, 4 car haulers are less expensive. It has a number of advantages and features. This trailer is light-weight, sturdy and it comes with load-bearing capacity. According to the professional trailer manufacturers, a 4 car trailer should be maintained after a certain period of time to keep it functional. In this blog, we are going to share with you 4 car trailer maintenance tips.

Check the trailer suspension

The suspension system of a 4 car hauler always plays a vital role. This system helps to drive the car trailer smoothly. It absorbs shocks and provides smooth driving. So, the suspension system of a 4 car trailer should be inspected in a proper way on a regular basis. Regular inspection helps to find defects in the trailer suspension system like wear and tear, cracks, scratches, etc. The professional inspectors can properly check the major components of the suspension system such as wheel bearings, shock absorbers, struts condition, torsion bars, spring coils, etc.

Check the tire pressure

The tire is also an essential part of a 4 car trailer. It helps to drive a fully loaded trailer on the road smoothly. Air pressure is a vital element of trailer tires. The importance of air pressure is huge. It enhances the average life of the tires. It also plays in smooth driving. If you drive under the low tire pressure condition, it can lead to major road accidents. So, before you buy an open car hauler, where it’s 4 car haulers or 6 car haulers, checking the tire pressure is extremely necessary. Apart from that, the power fuse and auxiliary battery should be checked thoroughly.

Check the braking system

Last but not the least, inspecting the braking system of a 4 car trailer is highly essential. The braking system is the most important part which has a number of components and subcomponents. To keep it functional, the braking system should be inspected after a certain period of time. Experts check all the major components of the braking system including brake cylinder, brake pads, brake caliper, brake pedal, master cylinder, etc.

So, these are the 3 basic maintenance tips provided by the professional trailer manufacturers in Texas. 4 car trailers are affordable, light-weight and efficient. Above mentioned tips are enough to keep the 4 car trailer functional.

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