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How to Keep Your Amazon Reviews from Going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving

How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-StealsHOW TO KEEP YOUR AMAZON REVIEWS FROM GOING MISSING…

Have you been notified that your Amazon reviews are being yanked? It’s a problem a lot of readers (and authors) are seeing right now and it’s infuriating for both of us. You can thank the scammers who went out and bought reviews for their books and products for this…in order to stop “purchased” reviews, Amazon has made all our lives miserable.

While the secret of being reinstated once removed still remains a mystery, there are some things that you can do to keep this from happening to you…

DON’T friend authors on social media, like Facebook. You can follow their author pages but don’t personally friend them. Apparently Amazon is able to see those connections and once they think you’re a friend of the author, your review is history.

SPEND $50 on Amazon. Amazon has long had a “you have to spend at least $50 to review” policy, but they’ve really started cracking down on it. Reviewers who had slipped under the wire are finding all their reviews poofed.

DON’T be an author. Authors who review other authors books are being punished because authors were “swapping” reviews. That sucks for authors who are also readers but…

DON’T enter contests from your favorite authors where the prize is a gift card. Authors have been known to give readers gift cards in exchange for reviews, so now that behavior is cause to be barred, even if the gift card was actually for a contest/giveaway.

In short, don’t do anything that allows Amazon to make a connection between you and the reader. Otherwise your review will go missing and in some cases ALL your reviews go missing. Hopefully soon Amazon will stop their bots from being quite so vicious about things. They have a tendency to do something WAY OVERBOARD to then adjust, claiming the bots needed tweaking…

How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals


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How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals


How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals

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How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals

How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals

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How to keep your Amazon reviews from going missing…Giveaways and Book Deals-Steals

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