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How To Install A Shower Faucet New Construction

By Krimkus

Are you looking to set up a shower faucet in your brand new home? If you are then you need to know the different tools involved and the steps to make sure your shower is going to work the way you expect. Take a look here to find out more.

How To Install A Shower Faucet New Construction

1. Measure your distance. 

First, you need to measure just where you’re going to put the faucet so that it’s easy to reach for anyone who might be using the shower. Generally, this is about 40 inches off the ground. It’s high enough for an adult but still low enough for a child.

2. Use blocking screws to orient the faucet. 

Next, you’ll use blocking screws to make sure that you have the faucet in the spot that you want it and to make sure that it’s facing the right way for you. Some may need to face downward, others face to the side or up. Make sure you know which way your faucet operates and how it should be oriented.

3. Connect the pipes.

Here, you’re going to connect your water pipes to the water inlets on the faucet. This is going to be slightly different depending on the specific faucet that you choose and the valves of your house. You’ll want to pay attention to the instruction manual for this part of the installation. 

4. Route your pipes.

The process involves routing a half-inch valve to both the hot and cold water supply. You’ll then tie these pipes into the main pipe, which will be a three-quarter inch. All of this should be done close to the water heater, wherever possible. This is going to give you better access to the water line. 

5. Secure the pipes.

Finally, screw in a threaded adaptor and use plumbing tape to reinforce. You’ll also want to make sure the pipes are tight and you’ll want to solder the joints. This makes sure that you get a secure fit and hold. Also, make sure that you install a water hammer arrestor. This is going to keep the pipes where they should be instead of banging around. 

6. Adding a tub control

If you also have a tub you will have an additional piece you need to set up. This is the outlet and it uses a half-inch pipe running from the valve to the blocking that fits the shower head. You’ll want to use a threaded, brass elbow in order to terminate this pipe. Then, make sure you secure the piece to the blocking with screws. You’ll also add a pipe for the spout and seal the tub spout with a type of silicone caulk.

In just a few hours you can make sure you know how to install a shower faucet new construction and you can make sure that it’s done the right way. You and your family will be enjoying a shower in your own home in no time at all, and isn’t that what it’s all about? 

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