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How to Increase Testosterone Efficiently and Maintain Its High Level

Posted on the 15 October 2016 by Sergey Kushchak @ambrossimo

Scientists have proved that each generation of men have more and more problems with the testosterone level. How not to experience the problem of low testosterone symptoms in men? Find out from our article!

Men differ from women with only 1 hydrogen atom!

Up to 12 years old boys and girls differ only anatomically. During puberty, the hormonal level is developing and the male sex hormone is responsible for this process. If the production of male hormones decreases, the secondary sexual characteristics gradually disappear. It has been proved that the only thing that distinguishes men from women is testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man. There is a constant interaction between both male and female hormones. Every minute, a man produces eleven billion testosterone molecules. By adding only one hydrogen atom in each molecule testosterone transforms into the female sex hormone. When many of these transformations occur, the man begins to cease to be a man.


What does it mean? The first changes occur on the mental and emotional, spiritual, intellectual levels. Next, the process moves to the physical level – the last level, which begins with the change of secondary sexual characteristics in the direction of reverse degradation. ( Read more about the men’s problems in our article” Erectile Dysfunction”). It can occur at any moment with every man.

Which functions does testosterone play in men’s life?

Testosterone is the men’s God. While a man lives, he should produce testosterone.  There is no such a sphere in a life of a man that is not affected by his testosterone level. This most important male hormone performs the following functions:

  • Testosterone is responsible for stress resistance.
  • Anatomical, secondary sexual characteristics, including the width of the shoulders, a beard, hair, weight, etc.
  • Testosterone defines muscle mass
  • Stability and endurance of men to physical and mental stress
  • Energy power as the ability to all types of work
  • Testosterone is responsible for aggression. One of the male biological characteristics is aggressiveness. This is normal. Aggressiveness in the protection of their homes, their women, children and territory.
  • Testosterone is responsible for the feeling of friendship values
  • Testosterone is responsible for the lack of tearfulness
  • Sexual Activity
  • Testosterone is responsible for ambitions

Since the age of 10 it is necessary to take care about the normal testosterone level.

What are the reasons of low testosterone level in men?

There is a great number of causes which influence the production of testosterone:

  • psychological stress,
  • poor diet,
  • aggression,
  • bacteria and viruses
  • medicine,
  • genetics,
  • bad habits,
  • alcohol ,
  • casual sex,
  • lack of physical activity,
  • the body trauma,
  • all the anti-ulcer agents containing Atropine.

 If a man is sitting and working with the notebook on the lap – he decreases testosterone level in his organism as the temperature inside the pelvis is heated for three – four degrees. Financial problems in a man’s life tremendously reduce testosterone levels as well. For example, if a man has taken a loan for fifteen years – during fifteen years he will have low testosterone as credit is a powerful psychological factor that makes a man lives in psychological suspense. The slightest pressure prevents testosterone production till there is some relaxation.

If a man has normal testosterone level, then all other parameters will be maintained. This hormone alone is opposed to all other hormones in the male body which in their turn act against testosterone: insulin, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, adrenaline, etc.

High blood pressure also dramatically reduces the production of testosterone as a defense mechanism. This is all that is associated with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, vascular condition.

The increased number of respiratory movements reduces testosterone levels. For example, bronchitis, shortness of breath – this is an opportunity to capture oxygen. Hypoxic mechanism in this case leads to a decrease in testosterone.

Is there any connection among the weight of a man and his testosterone level?

If a man has the height of 1 meter 80cm, his weight should be about 80 kg (plus or minus 5 kg). What is the relationship between the weight and the hormone testosterone? The body’s ability to accumulate muscle proteins depends on the level of testosterone. The fat in men in theory should not be formed, because the testosterone hormone prevents the deposition of excess fat. He has an amazing fat – controlling component. The receptors that are responsible for excess fat are lying in the testicles. They are sensitive to the level of testosterone and do not give a man to gain weight. In men, testosterone is only for the accumulation of muscle mass. And if a man is fat – it’s 100% hormonal disturbance. This is a decrease in testosterone levels. If a woman is fat, there is a completely different story. The man has other biochemical mechanisms.  Fat accumulation in men is associated only with hormonal disorders and with the decrease in the hormone testosterone. The most dangerous fat for men is fat that is deposited on the stomach. It secretes enzymes and hormones that contribute to a decrease in the production of testosterone. If a man has (breasts, thighs, pear-shaped, double chin, calves, etc.) – it’s not just a decrease in testosterone levels, but the situation when there is an advantage of the female sex hormones on testosterone.

Masturbation can influence the testosterone level: Myth or truth?

Some men believe that masturbation increase testosterone. However, scientists don’t think so as there is no connection between masturbation and testosterone. This process neither decreases nor increases the level of male hormones. In any case, though there is no direct connection between masturbation and testosterone levels, masturbation can influence negatively if it is too frequent as it may influence the men’s psychological state. In any case, frequent sexual activity depletes. And the feeling after it is similar to the low testosterone symptoms. It is hard to imagine a person who masturbates often being able to thrust bar in the evenings.

Foods and testosterone: Say “No” to the following foods if you want to naturally increase testosterone

Healthy food plays a great role in the testosterone production. Here you will be able to compare what you are eating now and which products should be avoided in order not to decrease the level pf this hormone.

Products which reduce testosterone production:

  1. Salt- use it not more than 3 g per day.
  2. Sugar – use only up to 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.
  3. Caffeine- reduces the production of testosterone. A man can afford not more than one cup of coffee per day. While tea has no effect on testosterone.
  4. Meat with hormones- you can eat sheep and fish as they are not fed with hormones.
  5. Fatty foods with cholesterol
  6. Soy products dramatically decrease testosterone levels
  7. Fast food
  8. Fat milk 6-7%. You cannot drink more than 1 liter per day.
  9. White yeast bread
  10. vegetable oil
  11. raw eggs

How to increase testosterone by eating definite products?

  1. Seafood
  2. Fruit (especially, red and orange)
  3. Vegetables
  4. Fresh green
  5. Berries (cherry, cranberry, raspberry)
  6. Fiber and grain ( rice porridge, pearl millet, buckwheat)

Read the detailed information about foods that are able to increase the level of testosterone in our article “How to become a Real Man eating Foods That Increase Testosterone”.

What to avoid not to reduce the level of testosterone in the male body?

  1. Neglect on the part of men
  2. When a woman tells a man that he looks bad – in 15 minutes his testosterone level decreases by 25%
  3. When sex is prevented by any mechanical circumstances
  4. Feeling of guilt reduces testosterone levels by 25%
  5. Apologies to anyone reduce testosterone levels
  6. Recognition of their mistakes drastically reduces the level of testosterone
  7. Absence of the arguments in the dispute
  8. Taunts
  9. When someone is shouting at a man testosterone level falls by 30%
  10. Any stupid situations that make a man confused
  11. Disputes with the mother –in-law reduces testosterone levels by 40% – instantly releases massive amounts of energy, which is burned to the detriment of testosterone
  12. Feeling of frustration in the woman lowers testosterone levels which cannot be restored for a long time
  13. Feeling of loss of freedom reduces the level of testosterone by almost 50%

Top 10 reasons which have positive effects of testosterone

  1. Disputes with wife increases the level of testosterone if followed by sex.
  2. Good relationship with the beloved woman
  3. The feeling of love and that a man is appreciated
  4. When the man hears often that he is “special”
  5. Anticipation of great sex raises testosterone
  6. A feeling of pride and respect for his partner in front of other men
  7. Sport boosts testosterone levels by 20-30% (both playing and watching)
  8. Champion in raising testosterone levels – auto shopping and audio-video-shopping that raise testosterone up to 50% when a man buys a car or auto parts.
  9. Demonstration of his advantages in all areas boosts testosterone levels
  10. Flirtation increases testosterone levels by 20-25%

Sport and Testosterone

How to increase testosterone with the help of sport?

It has been proved by numerous studies that moderate exercises with weights help to increase testosterone. What has always distinguished men from women? It is uncommon masculine strength, compared with the women it has always been a man’s priority. Therefore, competent training with weights will increase the male hormone. But the main thing is not to overdo it, because you can get exactly the opposite result.

Strength training to naturally increase testosterone is primarily exercises with weights (exercises with dumbbell and barbell). With proper training, exercise can greatly increase the level of testosterone. Any class with dumbbells, kettlebells or dumbbells can increase testosterone, but there are exercises that give the maximum effect. These are deadlifts and squats. Thanks to the involvement of large muscle groups testosterone level will be increased significantly.

Exercises to increase testosterone production

The technique of deadlift performance:

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other, the athlete stands at a distance of about 10 centimeters from the top of the bar, leaning forward, making the grip shoulder width apart or slightly wider, bending the knees while holding his back in a flat position, the rib front curved forward (chest “wheel”), begin to slowly raise the bar, leading it by the front of the legs. At the top there is a stop for a couple of seconds and then slowly lower the barbell down.

Important notes on the technique of performing the deadlift:

  • The back should remain straight throughout the exercise (slightly arched in the lumbar spine)
  • Do not bend back at the top
  • All the emphasis should fall on heels
  • Do not drop the bar when lowering the boom down
  • Be sure to use heavy athletics belt
  • Hands are free, do not help to raise the bar in any way. Hands should hold the bar

The technique of squats performance:

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider, feet should be parallel to each other. Back is straight, chest is arched forward (chest “wheel”). Place the bar on the top of your trapezoids and bend your legs sitting down so that the upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Slowly climb, straighten your knees.

Important notes on the technique of performing squats:

  • The back should remain straight throughout the exercise (slightly arched in the lumbar spine)
  • Do not take your heels off the floor
  • Do not move your head from side to side. Head is facing forward and slightly upward

Read more about exercises which can boost testosterone in our article “Exercise to increase testosterone”.

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