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How to Improve a Child’s Concentration ?

By Themommytale

During my childhood days mom gave me quite a lot of crossword to solve. Howsoever difficult, few clues were enough to solve it easily. My mom also loved solving crossword so we used to spend good amount of time solving these together. We loved that time of ours.

Most of the moms often get worried when their child looses focus and concentration. Child's Concentration is a mother's main worry these days. In fact it's quite natural and normal as well given the pressures kids face these days. With the growing age kids face immense pressure of studies, sports, extracurricular activities, competitions and much more. They get distracted due to emotional and psychological issues as well.

As a mother of 8 years old, I have faced these challenges so I started searching and reading about this topic. I am sharing my experience here that how we practiced a few games at home which gave me visible results in increasing my Child's Concentration.

Well, we all know if a child is able to think he is able to plan and implement. Ultimately, the goal is achieved that is concentration. We need to encourage kids to play puzzle games like Jigsaw puzzle, crosswords, spelling games, Games like UNO to attain attentiveness.

Kids love this game give them a number or sentence in a jumbled manner and ask them to put in proper sequence, keep the timer on. You will see the best result of this and Child's Concentration will improve especially in English if you gave sentences and maths if you play with numbers, As a result a god hold on these subjects is achieved.

I am sure all moms will love this. I ask my kids to sit in one position without talking, laughing and moving like a statue. And you know what my younger one is always ready to laugh as soon as we say start. And my elder one always wins. This is a game to make them learn to sit in one place and the importance of silence. This gradually improves Child's Concentration and focus.

You can teach your child playing Sudoku. Playing Sudoku is a very good exercise for the brain it definitely helps in increasing Child's Concentration. It improves Child's Concentration , memory and logical thinking. As well as in my came my daughter feels happy too. I ask her to play online on one can choose the level they wish to play beginners, medium, hard and extreme. You have a 9X9 grid to play or for kids, a 3X3 grid is also available. It's so much fun and my daughter does not close it until she completes it.

We all have seen Rubik's Cube and this one game is good to increase the Child's Concentration likewise it also improves eye and hand coordination. Again you can opt for a small cube or a bigger one as per the need of a child.

Tips to increase the concentration and memory

    Green eating and Clean eating:

If a child eats green leafy vegetables, salads etc are less prone to any health issues. Staying fit falling less ill is really important when we think to increase a Child's Concentration. Likewise healthy eating also improves immunity of a child.

It gives an immense scope to fix a child's focus on one thing at one time.

Very good practice to exercise brain cell.

    Hand and Eye coordination:

Yes when child play games like Rubik's Cube, solve puzzles it helps them to increase the level of hand and eye coordination.

Once they won a game the confidence on their face is just lovely. It helps them to face challenges and induce more confidence in a child. As a result we get more confident personality.

These are some of my ways to increase concentration. I am a Mom and above all a partner in all her games hence I can see the result very well. Do share with us your tried and tested ways to boost concentration in kids.

I would love to hear your ideas don't forget to leave a comment in the section below.

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