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How to Help a Congested Baby by Using a Humidifier?

By Tonyjumper

How To Use a Humidifier For Baby Congestion HeaderIf your little baby is suffering from allergies or the common cold, he or she is probably experiencing congestion. Congestion is a miserable feeling that forces the sufferer to breathe out of the mouth, which can cause snoring, dry mouth and other undesirable symptoms. As a loving parent, all you want to do is help your baby to ease the symptoms of congestion. The good news is that you and do that with a humidifier, and it won’t be that expensive for you. Here’s some information on how you can use a humidifier for baby congestion.


  1. Why a Humidifier Works
  2. Saline Drops and Eucalyptus
  3. Where You Can Find a Humidifier

Why a Humidifier Works

Congestion occurs because the sensitive membranes inside of your baby’s nose have become inflamed, swollen, dry and irritated. In some cases, those membranes literally close up the nose and restrict any air from going through. What a humidifier does is put moisture back into the air so that your baby can breathe it in. The air is usually very kind to the nasal passages. It can be quite soothing for your congested newborn and can resolve the dryness that your baby has in the nasal lining.

Saline Drops and Eucalyptus

You can add something to the humidifier to help the baby congestion at night. Saline is popular for nasal congestion because it has been a proven effective remedy for generations. Another popular solution to add to the humidifier is eucalyptus. It works well to open up the nasal packages. You can put just a small amount in the humidifier so that your baby will have that extra help. However, you cannot put the item near the baby’s face or allow him or her to drink the solution. The eucalyptus should only be used in the humidifying system, and you should have the system a good distance from your child. You should see results in your baby’s breathing shortly after you add the solution. The way you do it is to put about four drops of it into the humidifier’s reservoir. That’s all you have to do for it to work. It will turn into a vapor along with the water that you put in it.

But keep in mind:

All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison.
The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy.

– Paracelsus

I also suggest to you to read “Is Eucalyptus safe for children?

Where You Can Find a Humidifier

You can find a humidifier for baby congestion in a variety of places. One good place to look is in a reputable online pharmacy or store that had many good reviews and a strong reputation. You’re likely to get a good deal by buying online as online vendors are constantly trying to give their customers a break. You can also go to a physical location or ask a medical specialist where to find the best humidifier for baby congestion. Physical stores have a variety of humidifier types for people who are looking for baby congestion remedies. Or you can read this post where I shared my opinion about four great cool mist humidifiers.

Ease Your Baby’s Discomfort Today

You can clearly see that you don’t have to be helpless when it comes to baby congestion remedies. You can find the perfect solution at a fairly low cost, and you can see your baby smile when the airways open for him or her.

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