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How to Get Your Commitment Phobic Guy to Propose!

By Macrogers

get your guy to propose


It is a soaring matter of concern if your long term boyfriend is yet to raise the question of marriage even after months of pleasurable dates. As a matter of fact research has revealed that it is undoubtedly hard for a girl to give her complete heart out in a relationship while her guy is not doing the same. It indeed is high time and a nudging wake up call for all girls out there who have been hopefully looking forward for their partner’s to pop the big question and propose you with an exquisite engagement ring. Mentioned below are certain points that might be the genuine reasons behind all the hesitation and unsurety of your loved one and ample ways out to make him come out of his shell.

The first predictable reason might be the “fear of rejection”, as it is normal for any guy to get cold feet at the mere thought of rejection from his lady love. So, it is on your part to check if you are sending positive vibes to your guy, whether if you are constantly nagging and being bossy, rather than giving him his desired space.

The next point to be kept in mind, is not to make it much obvious about the plans of your extravagant and luxurious wedding, which you must have visualized in your head umpteen times, also it is not advisable to blurt out your endless grand wedding plans to your guy. This may somehow make him panicky and a nervous wreck. He necessarily may not be monetarily stable to provide you that plush dream wedding at that moment and hence might take his step backward. But, if you still crave for a planned layout of your enviable wedding, it is then suggested that it would be righteous on your behalf if you start saving up along with him for the venture and letting him know.

Another fact that needs to be considered is, to give your guy the precise amount of time and space to hang out with his favorite set of people andlet him enjoy his freedom in his very own way. Thus, your guy will appreciate your maturity and thoughtfulness and it will also definitely make him miss you.

One more way to drop a hint is, to invite your boyfriend to a social family event and make him meet your parents or few close relatives. This will indeed make him believe as to how important he is to you and consider him to be a part of your family.

Bearing in mind the above specifics, what I feel personally is that, the mentioned points are not to prove yourself as a pushy or forceful girlfriend compelling your guy to marry you, but the points are to change the approach and mindset of your guy towards marriage, so that he finally asks your hand and seal the eternal bond.


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