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How to Get the Designer Look in Your Bathroom for Half the Price

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

When you walk into a designer bathroom, there is no doubt that this is not your run of the mill bathroom remodeling project. There’s something about the way that the room flows, the unique decor that is used, and the small details that change everything about the room.

Designer Bathrooms by Candice Olson

Designer Bathrooms by Candice Olson.

Many homeowners desire these luxurious bathroom designs but don’t know how to do so on their own. I am going to show you a few ways to get the designer look in your bathroom for half the price!

Virtu USA um-3073-s-es Ava 71 Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

First, let’s start off with a side by side comparison to show you just how possible it is to source cheaper products without sacrificing style or quality. The Ava 71″ Double Sink Bathroom Vanity is one of the most popular items from Virtu USA, a well-known manufacturer of bathroom furniture. The Ava Double Vanity features a curved edge that differentiates itself from others.

Priced at $1,655.00, you can opt for a very similar product that is $250 cheaper. The 72″ Deluxe Grand Regent costs less and features a solid oak construction compared to the rubber wood composition of the Ava Double Sink Vanity. Best of all, these two vanities are virtually identical!

Virtu USA um-3073-s-es Ava 71 Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

The Virtu USA Ava 71 Double Sink Bathroom Vanity. $1,655.00.

72 Inch Deluxe Grand Regent Bathroom Vanity from JWH Imports

The 72″ Deluxe Grand Regent Bathroom Vanity shown with a green glass top. Also available with a white micro-lite top. At $1,399.00, the Grand Regent is $250 cheaper than the popular Ava Double Sink Vanity from Virtu USA.

Curbless Bathroom Showers

Many homeowners are going curbless. Curbless showers are a great way to update your bathroom and give it that designer feel without experiencing price hike. When remodeling an outdated shower, you will often have to replace your shower enclosure anyway. Curbless showers make a tremendous difference without increasing the cost of your remodeling project. They are also one of the recommended tips to help make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Curbless Shower Designs

Go Contemporary with Floating Bathroom Vanities

Contemporary designs often take your breath away. Many of these concepts are new and forward thinking in concepts that employ the imagination of the some of the brightest designers. Sometimes drafting a Designer Bathroom is all about knowing what’s hot and what’s not!

One way to capture the avant-garde appearance of contemporary design is by installing a “Floating Vanity.” These wall-mounted units are ultra-modern and can dramatically alter the aesthetics of your bathroom. Learn more about these contemporary vanities by reading my old post.

Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities

Designer bathrooms are overflowing with ornate details from the tile floors, up the walls, and across the ceiling. The entire room is seen as a canvas ready to transformed. An emerging trend has been the growing popularity of Furniture Style Bathroom Vanities. These vanities are highly decorative and can help set your bathroom aside from monotonous designs.

72 Inch Terracina Double Sink Vanity

The 72″ Terracina is a furniture style vanity with beveled panels and intricate detailing along the upper panel. $1,595.00.

Hand painted wallpaper

Decorative walls can separate your bathroom from the rest. While having an artist paint your walls can create quite the impression, you can achieve the same visually enticing appearance by using hand painted wallpaper. This will reduce the costs of your bathroom update drastically while giving your bathroom the designer look that you’ve been dreaming of!

Handpainted Bathroom Wallpaper

Handpainted de Gournay wallpaper. Design by Katie Ridder. Courtesy of Eric Paisecki.

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