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How To Get Rid of Competition on Amazon! For More Sales

Posted on the 06 October 2017 by David Mark @Ataghan_micheal

Competition on Amazon

The biggest problem that I see on Amazon is the fact that, soo many people just copy cart. No one is original anymore. That was fine 10 years ago when Amazon was basically nothing, and you can just get on and sell stuff on your basement that you don't want anymore, and make a ton of money.
That's not what you can do anymore. On Amazon, you really need to be original, you can't just jump on Amazon, find a product and say ooh, the product is selling perfect, I'm going to sell the exact same thing but with my brand logo on it, and then expert it to just blow at of the water.

I will not lie, people still do that, people still make a lot of money selling the same product they think is trending on Amazon. But it's going to get harder and harder to do that every single day.The thing with a private label when starting your own brand is that you really need to make another product and you also really need to solve a problem that your customer has.For example, if I want to sell HD Mic Cable.I could just get on Amazon and make a listing for my brand name HD mic cable - 6 fit long and start selling it.But there is already soo many HD Mic Cable on Amazon and believe me, it wouldn't work.If there were 1 or 2 other sellers, all they have to do was lower their price. And I wouldn't sell any of my product all at.What you really have to do, is differentiate yourself from your competition.You have to lower the amount of what I called Relevant Competitor. The relevant competitor, 
  • Are the people that are at the same price point as you,
  • The same listing as you, 
  • The same quality of picture,
  • Quality of listing, 
  •  Selling the same kind of product.
What you need to do is get rid of those people, and I don't mean try to get their account suspend or cancel.But you need to differentiate your product so that you're not selling that same thing that everybody else selling. But you really are.That might sound confusing, and here is what I mean.

Step 1

Let say I want to sell my HD Mic Cable on Amazon, and I wanted to differentiate from other sellers, I could use Gold HD Mic Cable. Instead of just silver. Because gold is a higher quality product.Make your product better than your competition by just improving the little thing, and you would be surprised how improving will add some aspect to the product, it'll really increase your exposure to people, and get people to buy your product over anyone else's.

Step 2

Another great way to increase your sales in your private label product is to bundle it with something else.Instead of just selling HD Mic Cable by itself, I can bundle it with adaptor or other things that would make the HD Mic Cable more relevant.But don't charge any more money for the add-on.You might have to pay a little more to buy the product because you gonna have to have another product in your bundle.Let say you're charging $10 for HD Mic Cable, don't charge $20 because you have another thing. Still, charge $10, and the reason is, people will compare a single HD Mic Cable to your productWhich is HD Mic Cable plus some other free things, and they will see ooh, this are same prices, obviously I will go for this product because I'll get HD Mic Cable plus something else, instead of a single HD Mic Cable.You would sell a lot more of your product, and you will beat out your competitions very easily.

Step 3

The last thing is to design your own product. You don't have to be a designer, just take some concept, just an idea, to make a good product that people who want to buy.It's a good idea to design your own product, and try to bring that to market.Okay folks that's how to beat down your competition on Amazon, hopefully you learn something from it.

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