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How to File a DBA (doing Business As…) Request for Your New Venture

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke

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If you choose a name for your business that does not include your personal name, you will need to file for a fictitious business name or DBA permit.  This will protect your business name from being stolen and is usually required by law, though laws vary in different areas.

The process for getting your business name approved is usually handled by your county clerk’s office.  It is a fairly simple process with minimal expense and can often be completed online.

The Steps Include: 

1. File the application with the county clerk’s office

2. Run an ad that states your intent to use a fictitious business name in a local newspaper that is approved by the clerk’s office.  If they do not give you specific wording to use in the ad there are several websites that provide that information for free.  You can find them with a quick Google search.

3. Receive proof from the newspaper that the ad ran (often called an affidavit)

4. Forward that proof to the county clerk’s office for their final approval

Although this may feel like an extra step in the business startup process, it can be worth the small extra effort it takes to get the business name that feels right for you.

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