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How to Engage Your Potential Clients with Compelling Success Stories

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke

I Did It

The human mind thinks in pictures.  When you use stories with your clients and audiences, they can connect more deeply with what you are presenting and will be more likely to move forward.

This can be especially important in a client enrollment (sales) conversation.  Use a true story about a client or one from your own life that:

  • Reflects their own experience and shows that you really understand
  • Demonstrates successful navigation of the situation or one similar it
  • Generates trust in who you are and how you can help them

You Can Create Your Powerful Story in Three Easy Steps: 

The Juicy Details – this is where you describe in detail how awful the situation was.  Spend some time here painting the picture and bringing forward things that echo their own experience,

The Solution – tell them what you did to change the situation.(This should be related to what you are offering.)

The Happy Ending: Share how your life has improved and how much better you feel.

Example:  I was very stressed, getting daily headaches and my stomach was tied up in knots.  I felt stuck and could not move forward, which was very humiliating for me.  It felt like I was not capable of making it happen.  And then, I tried _____.  My life has completely changed.  The stress and physical symptoms are gone and I feel lighter and more confident.   I know that with these tools I will never have that challenge again.  

We all have hundreds of stories in our backgrounds that we can turn into compelling success stories.  I encourage you to choose one and try it out. You will find that it makes it much easier to convey your message successfully.

Your Turn: I would love to hear your Compelling Success Story.  Feel free to share it in the blog comments or email it to me.

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