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How to Eat Healthy Without Feeling Miserable

By Matthewthompson @MatthewTNY

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Almost every day I hear or read stuff about eating healthy, and I don’t even have to look for this information – it’s right there, wherever you look. So many articles are written and documentaries made about how to eat healthy or how to stop eating junk food, but most of us still eat all kinds of C.
To start consuming all the necessary vitamins for your system to function right, you have to enjoy the process. Ok, it is hard to enjoy eating healthy when you are forced to quit eating all the stuff that you like, but there is a way to start eating healthy without feeling miserable: without forcing yourself to eat what you hate. And in this article I want to share my experience with you. I didn’t really succeed yet, but I’ve made the first step!
1. First and foremost, you have to realize that you can’t look beautiful and feel beautiful if you consume wrong products.
2. Know that eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating tasteless food: do strawberries taste bad? Do tangerines? Do fruit smoothies? Does beef? And beef can be good for health if it is steamed and not deep fried, you just have to know how to cook it right. Start small: e.g. try to substitute one of the foods that you eat with a fruit smoothie.
3. If for some reason you don’t like fruit or berries (although that would be odd), then try taking vitamins that those fruit and berries contain. Aside from that you should probably take calcium: calcium is much cheaper than a dentist, besides: calcium is good for your hair and skin – it’s not just about teeth. Vitamin C helps to strengthen immune system.
4. Go to a store only after you eat so you buy foods you actually need; buy fruit and vegetables, avoid candy (this is why you should never shop if you are hungry). This way if you want a snack, you will have to eat what you bought: quality food. And you will see that healthy snacks make you feel much better than candy or hamburgers.
5. Make your own drinks, like juice or coffee. Buy cezve (coffee brewing pot) and a coffee-grinder. Making coffee yourself is much better for health and the process is magical. Get an orange squeezer and make your own orange juice out of oranges that you buy. There is nothing like drinking coffee or orange juice that you make yourself. Homemade juice is much tastier than the most expensive and quality juice you can possible find in a store.
These are the things that help me maintain semi-healthy lifestyle so far. I hope they help you too, leave your tips and suggestions in comments, I’ll be happy if you share your experience with me like I share it with you!

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By Biplab Kanti Mitra
posted on 06 September at 19:13