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How to Draw a Truck

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a TruckEvery time I do a geometric drawing lesson like this, I am reminded that some students who yawn at the idea of drawing organic shapes, will work for hours on rectangular trucks or houses. It could be the sign of a future designer, which requires a more methodical set of drawing skills. 1. Working with letter size paper, I gave my kinders a Dixie cup to trace two wheels in the lower center of the paper. They drew the middle section of truck around them as shown in the diagram. 2. The front and back of the truck are added.3. The cab and window of the truck are drawn. A wavy or straight line is added for the road. 4. A profile of a driver is drawn, along with the back cab support.5. Details or the truck and background complete the drawing. Students used a thin black marker to trace their drawing, and crayons to color it in.
Note: This lesson comes from Usborne’s “What Shall I Draw?” book, which has a lot of great drawing ideas.

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