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How to Draw a Teddy Bear

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a Teddy BearOne last Valentine idea – a teddy bear holding a heart with message of choice. I loved how this worked out in my drawing class today.1. This is a very symmetrical drawing, so to help students center their art I pre-drew a very light line down the middle of their paper. Students started by drawing a circle head near the top.2. Two symmetrical arms are added as shown.3. Two oval feet are added below.4. Outline edges were drawn around the feet.5. Connecting lines between the feet and arms were added.6. A heart is drawn, looking like it is behind the hands.7. Ears are added to the head.8. The face is completed as shown. 9. The drawing is traced with a black marker and colored in as desired.Thanks so much to Giancarlo, a talented 1st grade artist, who drew this adorable teddy bear today.

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