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How To Draw a Santa Stamp

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How To Draw a Santa StampI had really good results with this Santa drawing today. Any colored paper works, but my favorite is just a swatch of a brown grocery bag for that earthy, recycled look.1. With a 6" square of brown paper, students drew a square that sits about 3/4" in from all 4 sides. The postage stamp border is started by drawing 4 large “U”s that point to each corner.2. A row of “U”s are drawn inside the border, all pointing towards the outside edge.3. The outside edges of the “U”s are connected, forming the border.4. A rounded rectangle is drawn for Santa’s brim. Moving in a bit, the side of his head and cheek are added below.5. A circle nose and two petal shapes (his mustache) are added to the middle, touching the cheek line.6. Crescent-shaped eyes and eyebrows finish the face.7. Starting at the corner of the brim, a curvy line is drawn down on each side to form a beard.8. The hat is added on top of the brim. All of the lines are traced with a black marker and then colored with colored pencil.

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